Mar. 15th, 2012

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Oh god, I just got back from having a cavity filled and I'm numb from my lower lip and my tongue to my right ear, for eff's sake! My right temple feels weird, guys! I keep feeling these tiny itches but when I go to scratch them the area is numb! Ugh, I'm gonna go look up that vlogbrothers workout video because my dentist said activity makes the novocaine wear off faster.

Oh jeez, I just took a sip of some juice and I couldn't feel it AT ALL on the right side of my mouth, nor on most of my tongue. This is not fun, though at least the taste of novocaine is gone.

On the plus side of today, Community! At the cost of Parks and Rec apparently, which is not cool, but whatever. Also, I thought I looked quite nice, with my new clothes. It was a good hair day. And I got a bit of writing done at work. That always makes me feel accomplished, in a slightly naughty way. And finally, my mom and stepdad got me a pair of flower boxes for my birthday and helped me set them up a couple weeks ago, and now sprouts! )

Okay, I'm gonna do the workout and wait a few hours and try to drink some dinner.

ETA: Just so you know, licking your numb lip with your numb tongue feels like doing absolutely nothing. Maybe making part of your face move a little bit. But it's a part that's also numb, so it doesn't really matter.


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