Feb. 5th, 2012

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So I guess I'm watching the Superbowl. Mostly because John Green is supposedly livetweeting it (the addiction continues apace). So far, cute commercial with players and cheerleaders going out and singing a verse of "Wind Beneath My Wings" to Regular Folks(tm) and a commercial for beard trimmers that had Adrien Brody- where has that guy been? I miss him so much.

But in other news, I'm finally making crepes again! It's been over a year because it took that long to use up the stupid "self-rising" flour I bought for cupcakes. But now I have the appropriate flour and all is well! I've made a Nutella and raspberry jelly crepe (breakfast!) and a ground beef and peas crepe (dinner!)... and I still have a bunch of batter left. Any suggestions? I have some lemon curd that's been left completely unopened in my fridge for.. quite a while actually. It.. uh, it was a housewarming gift. I think it's okay, it looks okay. Lemon curd and raspberry jelly? Lemon curd and clementine sections? Shame strawberries aren't in season.

Dude, it's hard to pay attention for the commercials. I'm trained not to. *sigh* Game hasn't started and I'm already bored.

ETA: One of the players (first typed "characters"- I sooo shouldn't be watching this) has the same last name as me. Weird.


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