Jan. 28th, 2012

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Oh jeez, I may be getting sucked into Vlogbrothers. No... no.... noooo... XDDD

ETA: Another haiku that's not for you, but for me and my future enjoyment. )

Otherwise, I briefly had a rough morning when I woke up convinced it was Wednesday and I was super late. I was actually up and out of bed with my phone in my hand half a second from calling work before I remembered what day it really was. Annoying.

So, my plans for this actual day today, I'm going to try this thing. It seems like all the movies I want to see lately are the weirdo indie flicks no one plays anywhere. I mean, clearly the industry views us rabble outside of New York and L.A. as unfit to touch the hem of the garment of Coriolanus :(. However, I've found a theater not too far away that's miraculously playing Albert Nobbs at 2:30 and The Artist at 4:30, so I'm going to go there. And see them both. Today. I've never done that before, seen two movies in one day. I'm a little tempted to see if I can get away with only paying for one, but nah.

I really have been watching a lot of movies lately. I finally re-watched Star Trek (2009) last night- wow, what a ride. What a franchise. I get the warmfuzzies just thinking about it. And even though ultimately I can't say it's one of my favorites, I keep coming back to True Grit. Probably because a little while ago I discovered a lovely WIP fic by [livejournal.com profile] lindentree called With No Lodestar In Sight and I keep wanting to refresh my experience of the film as new chapters come out. Also Netflix sent me Midnight in Paris, which is painfully adorable. Boy there were a lot of medium geniuses hanging out in Paris in the 1920s, huh? Dang.

Anyway, a shower needs to be had, a Grimm episode needs to be watched, I really can't get away from the passive voice today... Busy, busy, busy.

ETA: Grr, no Grimm episode. Fine, whatever.


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