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First world problem of the day: when you have something to do later on, so you try to think of ways to pass the time between now and then, but end up screwing around doing nothing until you run out of time to do anything. Great job, self.

So! Before White Collar comes on (jeez, I didn't even bother watching last week's episode, here's hoping the Previously On is extra informative), I'll do another one of these!

12 – Have you ever attempted an "adaptation" fic of a favorite book or movie but set in a different fandom?

Indeed I have! Those are so much fun! It's kind of a fascinating mix of creativity and non-creativity when you think about it. Neither the characters nor the plot are original, but the act of combining them creates a new story. Anyway, I find it interesting. I consider all my stuff as basically various thought experiments, figuing out how these characters would act in this situation and how I can present that in an entertaining way. I'm always happy sitting at work or on a car ride or somewhere if I can pass the time ruminating on a fic in progress.

So, what the hey, if anyone's curious, here are my fic adaptations (so far):
Bad Reputation, a Plaude fic based on Shrek
Incognito, a Plaude fic based on Notorious
Wow, hard to get further apart on the spectrum than those two movies, but I'm actually pretty proud of both of those fics. I still like them and have re-read them more than once.

I'd like to do one with Rumbelle, but nothing's jumped out at me yet. Maybe if no one claims that It Happened One Night idea from the Rumbelle Movie Club...

Well, that almost killed half an hour. *wanders off to check Tumblr again*
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