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Man, I've had the weirdest dreams the last couple of nights. The ones last night included rescuing a bunch of children kidnapped by Gaddafi. Yeah. But the even weirder one had me as the kidnapped person along with a bunch of other girls and boys. We'd been snatched by this witch that used mind control to keep us all pacified. That was super creepy, and I think we ended up melting her with acid. Also, she burned in sunlight.

Speaking of burning in sunlight, there were vampires in my dreams the night before! )

So yeah, haven't had quite such vivid/crazy dreams for a while. In other news, other Middleman fans [livejournal.com profile] visiblemarket, did you know that Wendy's zombie palate cleanser Zombies of Mora Tau is an actual movie? I did not! But I discovered it was airing at around 2:30am last night, and since I am luckily at my folks' house where there is DVR, I get to watch it! I have no idea what to expect beyond a notable lack of gore.
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I had some leftover red bell pepper from my last cooking marathon, so I played mad chef a bit and cooked it up with diced onion, carrots, and chicken in olive oil, chucking in just for shits and giggles (more the latter than the former *crosses fingers*) oregano, garlic powder, some butter, and Lowry's salt (I pray at the altar of Lowry's salt, sprinkle it on a shoe and it'll taste good). I didn't measure anything, I just went for it. I mixed the whole mess in with egg noodles and the result is... well, still nothing that would've come out of my mom's kitchen, but not bad either! Honestly though, the idea of making a meal and just throwing in spices and stuff I liked and coming up with something tasty and interesting has always been kind of a dream of mine. I envy really good cooks the same way I do musicians.

Anyway, it was a long, frustrating, tiring day today, but it's almost over, I've got an episode of US Top Gear to check out whenever I feel like it, and tomorrow there is Rifftrax Live! Whooo! Jack the Giant Killer, which looks like someone trying to carry on the old Jason and the Argonauts style when that was still cutting-edge. It's really nice to have something special like Rifftrax Live right in the middle of the week, so rare that that happens. The day after I'm going to be enduring a seminar on payroll law... mostly for the brownie points and the possibility of going home early, but hey, especially considering what went down today, maybe I'll learn a thing or two. And then the day after that there's a comedy show sponsored by Planned Parenthood! Should be good times- I had no idea there was like an arts community maybe half an hour from my apartment. So, I've got a busy second half of a week, is what I'm saying.

Okay, I feel like US Top Gear now. Although, really, another "what's the toughest truck" challenge? Come on, guys. That other episode where you tested all of your first cars was great, I had never seen UK Top Gear do that! I don't need more friggin' trucks.
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So last week I started a re-watch of Doctor Who's season five via Netflix, but that kind of got backburnered because on Sunday something inside told me it was time to watch 30 Rock. All of it, or at least all the seasons available on Instant Watch. So I'm in the fourth season now, anxiously awaiting the arrival of Wesley Snipes. Don't tell me what episode he starts in- I want to be surprised.

But anyway it's been nice to finally find out where quotes I've seen on [livejournal.com profile] visiblemarket's icons in various places come from. Stuff like "Live every week like it's Shark Week," and "Past Pete is here to kill Future Pete!" My subject line is a quote that stands out to me as Liz at her most adorable. Oh Liz. I'm afraid I just don't 'ship her with Jack, which is most likely unfortunate from a social standpoint in the fandom. I mean, canon seems pretty definite- every time the idea of them getting together comes up both of their reactions are complete "DNW." I suppose if you want to you can see that as a "the lady doth protest too much" situation, but ultimately I prefer them as friends. Because they are so adorable that way, at least when they're getting along- Jack softens up a bit and Liz becomes almost childlike at times, IMO.

So, yeah, that's kind of been my life for this first week of 2011- coming home from work and watching as many episodes of 30 Rock as I can before bed. It's pretty awesome.

One downside, though. I'm currently reading Small Gods, and Brutha keeps turning into Kenneth in my head. Not that it isn't a good fit, but I already had Russell Tovey all picked out, so shoo, Jack McBrayer, shoo!

P.S. I did manage to tear myself away last night for long enough to watch Top Gear. Totally loved Rutledge commiting acts of spoilers. )
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Ooooh. The Voluntary Butler Scheme. At Breakfast Dinner Tea. Buy it now, thank me later. Actually, that Amazon page doesn't seem to have the MP3 version, but iTunes does, though I can't seem to find an online page for it. Stupid Apple. Anyway, it's awesome- I heard Multiplayer on that one Dell commercial a couple times and knew I had to check it out. It's got Death Cab for Cutie's dorkiness and The Rumble Strips' cheery disposition, with a little Architecture in Helsinki, CAKE, U2, and Coldplay coming through in places. Horns and pianos and guitars all in turns goofy and elegant. Electronic riffs and beats that came straight off the Scott Pilgrim vs. the World soundtrack (not really, but they totally sound like they could). And even a Plaude song if you turn your head and squint. Definitely one of those albums where you reach the end and it barely even occurs to you to maybe listen to anything else before you've already started it again.

Also, watched the latest Harry Potter movie last night. I liked it all right, you could definitely feel the growing tension and fear and the "jeez, these poor kids, what a horrible situation they have to deal with glad it's not me." Though, actually... this is barely a spoiler, but you know how people can be )

So, I'm giving the American Top Gear another go tonight. I wasn't blown away last week, but I'm willing to see what else they've got to impress me. That said, if they don't do the "Some say" Stig Facts, I walk.

ETA: *sigh* No Stig Facts. Denied. And I can't justify staying up late on a Sunday night, sitting through History Channel's interminable commercials for the rest. Man, and I was actually enjoying the episode too. Call me if they ever wise up, I guess.
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Oof, long day. My boss was gone, leaving me to work on the initial stages of payroll all by myself, since she wanted to get a head start on it because of the short week coming up (payroll gets processed by the banks on Thursdays, but since they'll all be closed for Thanksgiving, and anyway employees leaving earlier than that would appreciate having their paychecks, it's important we get it done ASAP). My end of it went okay, but the thing of it is is that we have multiple jobs going on, and multiple supervisors that have to create and send in multiple time cards, and if I don't get all of those time cards, I can't get anything done. I never ended up getting a full time card for one of the jobs, and that sucks. Well, I did the best I could anyway. Didn't help that I got my period last night, even though I have to admit that it's come at a borderline miraculously convenient time. So convenient I'm willing to forgive the last three inconvenient times. So that's cool.

Anyway, TV! As my subject line says, I've just about relegated The Walking Dead to Fridays at 10pm, because Sunday nights are for sleep, the better to face the new work week. Should I ever develop a life that involves social activity on Friday nights, well, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. It's a little annoying to be an episode off- I caved and read spoilers for this episode, but oh well. Rick impressed me last episode. I like a protagonist who will commit acts of spoilers ). Anyway, it's been interesting so far, not really much more than an extended zombie movie as of now IMO, but I'm excited to see how things develop in later seasons. Hopefully it'll involve a timeslot change.

Because (TRANSITION) I happily came across a commercial for the American version of Top Gear while watching The Daily Show online during my break. It's coming on this Sunday at 10pm, on the History Channel of all places. And I know, I know, "Ewwww American re-make rarrr kill it with fire!!!11!!" but.. goshdarnit... I'm excited, okay?! Really, genuinely excited! It looks good! It's got Adam Ferrara as one of the hosts, which surprised the heck out of me. I know for a fact that he's a very talented comedian. The other two guys I don't know but they seem cool too. It honestly does look like it's got the style, the enthusiasm, the romance (not slash, but of the automotive industry- we'll just.. wait and see on the former), throw a Stig in there and it really should be good times. I know the first episode of the Australian version was actually filmed in England and all the English hosts were there and it was all very much "Welcome to the club, n00bs ;)" in a friendly way. While I don't really think that will happen for the American version, I'm still crossing my fingers for a cameo by Clarkson, May, and Hammond at some point.

So, yeah, hey, two posts in as many days! I didn't really mean to clam up like I have lately, just haven't had too much to talk about I could pull together into a post. And now I must be off, to listen to the commentary on Dog Soldiers before it's time for zombie mayhem.
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Sweet god in heaven that was the worst traffic I've experienced in my life. I made it out of work at 5:07-ish. Didn't pull up at home until 6:45. I don't think I did over 40mph for more than twenty minutes of that. Ten minutes. Jesus.

Anyway, on to the post I was going to make before that unfortunate event. It all seems rather stupid now, but what the heck.

On my computer screen at work, there's a little clock face you can have on this vertical toolbar thing on the right side. I was playing with it today when I didn't have anything to do, and I noticed you could name the clock. Why anyone would want or even think to do this, I don't know... but I named it Jeremy Clockson, like any Discworld (and Top Gear) fangirl worth her salt would. Unfortunately the name was too long so all you can see is "Jeremy..." I also changed it from a dull black and white affair to something in blue and neon. Very nice, kind of '50s diner-ish, and dare I say snazzy.

It seems that during my lunch break I pretty regularly have time where my f-list ceases to amuse me (no offense), but it's not time to work again. I try to write during that time, but I'm burning out a bit on the long fic I'm working on. I'm not quitting or anything, I just need a little break. Writing those prompt fics was fun- quick and easy and somehow not quite as incriminating if potentially discovered. As such, I'd appreciate it if you kind folks could help me build up a little stockpile of prompts. Just one-word things, maybe a phrase. You don't have to specify pairing/fandom- I'll come up with something on my own if you don't. C'mon, help out a bored office drone.
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1. I caught my stepdad watching Top Gear today. All on his own. This possibly makes me happier than it should. It's like catching sight of a few birds at the new feeder you just set up- you feel all warm and proud inside, like you've done a Good Thing. Even better, it wasn't an episode I'd seen already, so that means I've got a treat in store for later.

2. Yesterday, on the drive home from school, I spotted a van with Trojan Security Systems written on the back. I assume that's a reference to the Trojans, of Homeric fame. The ones who fell for the old wooden horse trick. Ye-eah, somebody didn't pay enough attention to that myth back in school. Either that, or they actually mean the condoms.

3. Go buy The Killers' Day and Age, okay? Not only because it's AWESOME, but to make me feel less guilty because I burned my copy off my brother's CD. Sorry, The Killers! I wasn't absolutely sure I would love the socks off your album yet, so I leapt at the chance to get it for free. Now I want to give you money! Maybe I'll just go try to see them when they come perform in January. That'd be pretty kickass too.
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Procrastinating from finishing the very last bit of my paper! Wheee!

Stolen from [livejournal.com profile] lanyiek. List a favorite movie for each letter of the alphabet.

I'm going to try really hard not to repeat her answers, because the ones she chose for the tricky letters were quite good.


Back to the Future (The second might be my most favorite)

Cinderella Man (or Conspiracy Theory)

Dogma (or Die Hard)

Empire Records (or Eternal Sushine of the Spotless Mind)

Fifth Element, The

Ghost and Mrs Muir, The (My mom loves this movie, and I don't blame her)

Hellboy (or Hot Fuzz or Harvey)

Incredibles, The


Kill Bill Vol. 1 & 2 (or Kiss Kiss Bang Bang)

Life Aquatic, The

Master and Commander (or Mallrats or Monsoon Wedding)

Nightmare Before Christmas

Operation Swashbuckle (or O Brother Where Art Thou? or Ocean's 11)

Pleasantville (or The Princess Bride or Prince of Egypt)

Quick and the Dead, The (Umm, I'm pretty sure I'd really like it if I saw it all the way through?)

Radio Days

Sin City (or Serenity or Stranger Than Fiction)

Tank Girl (or The Terminator)

Unleashed (Okay, I only saw it once, but it was pretty good and I would watch it again)

V for Vendetta

Whole Nine Yards, The (or Wayne's World)

X-men (Sorry, layniek, I'm a dirty thief. If it helps, I did like this movie a lot- the first one, anyway.)

Young Frankenstein

Zomcomrom Shaun of the Dead, The (and I'm also a cheater)

ETA: I just finished watching the latest episode of Top Gear. I'm sorry to tell them that Blackpool's Christmas illuminations aren't quite as world-famous as they claim them to be, because I'd never heard of them. But, now that I have, and I also now know where Claude was born, I would very much like to write/see written some fic putting the two together, be it nostalgic reminiscing or actually witnessing them.
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Oh Top Gear... I adore you SO MUCH. Seriously, watching this show is the televisual equivalent of being wrapped up in a great big hug and gently squeezed just after you've finished laughing at a really good joke.

Very nice to see my OTP of Richard/Oliver is alive and well. Along with Jeremy's rampant but as yet undiagnosed pyromania. I think my favorite is still the fire at the car wash that one time. That was quite impressive. Either that or the camper fire- that wins for sheer destruction.

Ahh, well, anyway. I miss Heroes, but new Top Gear could take the sting out of just about any misfortune, and it'll be back next week anyway. Had an accounting test this afternoon, but I'm pretty sure it went over okay. Oh, and I'll be voting for the very first time in what appears to be an extremely critical election tomorrow. I'll be leaping into the car after my last class and racing into my home county to get it done. Might not get there until 5pm. If you haven't gotten through the line before the polls close at eight, do you still get to vote? I sure hope so.
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Wow, way to be lame, BBC America. Really, impressive. Got the fangirl itch tonight, so I decided to track down the Top Gear episode with CE in it. Turns out, I've already seen that episode, multiple times, on TV- with the Star in a Reasonably Priced Car section edited out. Arrrgh... *shakes impotent, defeated fist at heavens* I.. well... it's a good episode, anyway. Clarkson licking his sports car, Hammond with a puppy, the Batmobile, all that good stuff.

*cough* In other news, I think the four-leaf clover someone taped to the side of my wardrobe closet thingy at some point in the past is finally kicking in. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I have three classes in a row, all in different buildings. I was all set to dash around campus twice a week, when, lo and behold, my first class changed rooms to- wait for it- the exact same room as my second class. Mmm, the convenience, it just makes you feel all warm inside. Also, the professor whose class I accidentally skipped yesterday got back to me. The reply was somewhat eerily terse, but he sent the syllabus along with it so I guess I'll just slink into class tomorrow and pretend I was there the whole time. Nice.
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*fannish-things-to-be stare accusingly... cross their arms... tap their toes... continue to stare...*
Look, the timing's off, all right? It's just not happening today. Tomorrow- tomorrow I'll devote the whole day to you, even though I shouldn't. It'll be great, I promise. Today, however, I've got a long drive ahead of me, and I've downloaded a couple of Top Gear episodes to take the edge off after the aforementioned drive. So just stay right there and I'll be with you in a moment. Don't go away, just- be patient. Please.

In semi-related news, I watched the Top Gear African special again, this time with my mom and stepdad (who's a Car Guy). They liked it, which, well, how could they not? But anyways, it was nice- it's so rare I get to share something like that with any of my family members. So, good times.

Then my mom dragged me out swimsuit shopping. Not good times. It's seriously disgusting, the things they make girls wear on the beach/at the pool. EVERYTHING was a string bikini! You can't wear a one-piece without looking middle-aged! Come on, people, eleven-year-olds wear this stuff! That is NOT RIGHT.

ETA: Yes, as I was saying- long drive. I meant, LONG-ASS IRRITATING AS HELL DRIVE. I swear, these days it's like I can't get on the road without ending up bumper-to-bumper with a hundred other cars for seemingly endless stretches of time. And to add insult to injury this evening, while I was sitting in one of the multitude of jams, the mini-van in front of me was playing The Lion King on one of those clever devices that let parents ignore their children's formative years. And what scene do you think I had the privelege to witness? Why, Mufasa's death scene, of course! Wheeeee!

*sigh* Well, I made it through, and that's the important thing. Now to let Top Gear soothe my battered soul.
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Ahh, good day. It's a good, good day. Watched the African special of Top Gear again (witnessed the true and abiding love of Richard Hammond for his dear Oliver), bought some lovely peaches from the farm down the road, and picked up a copy of Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End. Now I'm finally going to have that Pirates marathon I'd been meaning to have, which'll be great research for my [livejournal.com profile] potc_fest submission. Cheers, everybody!

ETA: All right, y'all made it look too fun!

Comment with two characters I write [or you think I could/should write], and I'll write a drabble about their first kiss. Crossovers welcome.
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Yeah, I'm back in the parking lot at work, being a mooch.

There's a cat meowing off in the bushes that I'm having a hard time ignoring. I saw it earlier, it sat staring at my car for several minutes- looked like it might have some kind of infection in its right eye that turned it brown and quite possibly blind. Yeah. Guuuuiiilllt. Must resist. Will get rabies if I try to help cat. I know this. Awwwwww, poor kitty...

There's a Charlie Chaplin marathon on today! I'm excited for a bunch of reasons. Firstly, I've never seen much Chaplin and I know I should, for movie!nerd reasons. Secondly, it's good research for.. things. Thirdly, it's a good enough excuse not to do any actual work! Hooray!

I watched three episodes of Top Gear yesterday: the Africa special, the Arctic special, and a regular episode. They were all wonderful and hilarious and adorable, I'm even more in love with the show than I was before... but now I have Jeremy Clarkson's voice stuck in my head. Yeah, not as much fun as it sounds.
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So, I've been bonding with the television a bit since there's no Internet where I'm living right now. Consequently, I've watched a few episodes of Top Gear. I have to say, I have 0 interest in cars. I like the way they look, I like that mine gets me from point A to point B, but otherwise, a resounding meh. However, I really enjoy watching Top Gear, and I think I figured out why. It's the same reason I like Mythbusters and Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern, and even (to a degree) Dirty Jobs and No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain. All the people on those shows seem to be genuinely enjoying what they're doing. And that's SO much fun to watch. Those shows are really the only form of "reality" television I have any interest in watching, because everyone looks like they're having such a good time (except Mike on DJ, but really, you can't blame him, and he manages a smile eventually, and Bourdain because he seems to be happiest when he has something to complain about). And, of course, I learn cool stuff from these shows. But out of all of them, I think the hosts of Top Gear are having the most fun, which makes the show that much more fun to watch. Also, Richard Hammond is, in the words of Angela Montenegro, cuter than a monkey with a puppy. There, I said it.


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