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Apr. 26th, 2012 06:48 pm
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Aww yeah, green tea, cherry flavor. Well, y'know, cherry plus stuff to make it sound classy. It's actually called Cherry Moon, which is nice and evocative. And I got this other kind, called Chanticleer Breakfast Tea, which basically seems to be tea-flavored tea. I appreciate that. I had a cup this morning and it was very pleasant. Eastern Shore Tea Company- look 'em up. Really nice teas, never bitter, always tasty, you can order online and get your tea in a few days. I also recommend Baltimore Clipper Ship Tea, Black Raven Tea, and (if you can find it) Chestertown Tea. Tea doesn't look like a word anymore.

So, I'm going to the eye doctor tomorrow, because it's been quite a while since my last check-up, and also because I'm seriously thinking about getting my vision corrected. With a laser. I think eighteen years is long enough dealing with my piss-poor vision. If the doctor says it's okay, I'm probably going to go for it.

On the movie front- because I really talk about movies a lot, don't I, oh well- I'm going to be carving out some time for There Will Be Blood. That's a movie I'm watching more just to have watched it than because I really want to. And these days I have a fondness for Paul F. Tompkins, so I was more motivated to move it along in the queue than I might have been. Also, I can't decide if I want to see Cabin in the Woods and/or The Pirates! Band of Misfits, or let them wait for DVD. I could kind of use a stay-around-the-house weekend- do some cleaning, do some writing. It's been a while since I really cooked anything. It would be nice. Weather's supposed to suck anyway. Hm.

And finally, another one of these! 6 – When you write, do you prefer writing male or female characters? )
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Hm, my water appears to be shut off. Wish I'd noticed that before I went to the bathroom. *feels unclean* ETA: Neighbor says the laundry room flooded. Lovely.

Anyway, not much else to report today. I'm behind on The Daily Show and Grimm, so, I'm gonna fix that. I'm finally going to watch Ed Wood, which Netflix sent. Yup. Totally going to do those things. And not work on my new fic idea (yes, another). Even though I'm kind of enamored with it and what I really want to do is dive into it just to get the stuff out of my head before I forget it. Curse my inability to write scenes out of order. I've been useless at work- I recently downloaded this game that drains my battery like a starving vampire but it's fabulous for giving me something mindless to do so I can think. I hit the button that fires it up and BAM, I'm wandering off in my own little world. Which is a pretty fun place to be when I'm working through the details of a new plot. Anyway, it's called Dubble and it's your basic upside-down Tetris thing where you shoot these blobby little balls at a descending curtain of more balls and if you get at least three of the same color to touch they burst and you get points. Not having ever seen anyone else play Dubble, I'm pretty sure I'm amazing at it.

So, you know what I noticed? On that fic-writing 30-day meme thing, I'm missing day four and I have no idea how to find it. Uh, whoops. As such, on to day five! 5 -If you have ever had a character try to push their way into a fic, whether your 'muse' or not, what did you do about it? )
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Going to see The Hunger Games in a bit. I'm really not particularly interested in reading the books, but I've heard very good things about this movie, so I'm checking it out. Also, as some review or other said, the subject matter is so much about the visual that I think a movie might be the best format for it.

Aside from that it's important for me to see it because, well, I'm falling behind in watching the Swindon Town Swoodilypoopers. Not sure I mentioned them, but a little while ago I started watching John Green play FIFA 11 on YouTube and am now a fervent supporter of the Swindon Town Swoodilypoopers. This is probably the closest I've ever come to being a fan of a sport-type thing, which says a very great deal about how entertaining the Swoodilypoopers are under the management of John Green. Anyway, a couple of vids ago he talked about The Hunger Games and thankfully warned for spoilers, so once I've watched the thing, I can catch up on my Swoodilypoopers in their quest for virtual glory.

So, that's my afternoon. My morning was getting my taxes done, which is always nerve-wracking because what I don't know about taxes is pretty much everything there is to know about taxes. Whatever, it's done now.

Hey, let's do another one of these!

3 – For each of the fandoms from day two, what were your favorite characters to write? )

P.S. I'm kind of in a horror mood ATM. I blame whoever put Masters of Horror and Mark Gatiss' A History of Horror on YouTube. As such, I'm breaking my new toys. SEND HELP. (*begs muse* please don't let this be multi-chapter, please don't let this be multi-chapter...)
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Holy crap I need to adjust my crepe recipe. All my dinners since Sunday have been crepes. I'm not even sure I should've had the batter in the fridge for that long. After the inaugural Nutella and raspberry jelly, and two ground beef and onion and peas, I had one tuna and mayo and cheese, one fried egg (see Diagram 1), and I just tried out lemon curd and clementine slices (eh). I gotta get me some scones for that lemon curd. Nothing else will do.

Diagram 1 )

Also, I was going to run out and see Chronicle after work, but I decided to go for the other scifi film featuring troubled youths that Netflix sent, Attack the Block. I just finished it- that is one solid picture, I'd say. Worth all the praise I've seen for it.

Um, that's it, I guess. Crepe adventures, movies- yeah, that's all.
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Oh jeez, I may be getting sucked into Vlogbrothers. No... no.... noooo... XDDD

ETA: Another haiku that's not for you, but for me and my future enjoyment. )

Otherwise, I briefly had a rough morning when I woke up convinced it was Wednesday and I was super late. I was actually up and out of bed with my phone in my hand half a second from calling work before I remembered what day it really was. Annoying.

So, my plans for this actual day today, I'm going to try this thing. It seems like all the movies I want to see lately are the weirdo indie flicks no one plays anywhere. I mean, clearly the industry views us rabble outside of New York and L.A. as unfit to touch the hem of the garment of Coriolanus :(. However, I've found a theater not too far away that's miraculously playing Albert Nobbs at 2:30 and The Artist at 4:30, so I'm going to go there. And see them both. Today. I've never done that before, seen two movies in one day. I'm a little tempted to see if I can get away with only paying for one, but nah.

I really have been watching a lot of movies lately. I finally re-watched Star Trek (2009) last night- wow, what a ride. What a franchise. I get the warmfuzzies just thinking about it. And even though ultimately I can't say it's one of my favorites, I keep coming back to True Grit. Probably because a little while ago I discovered a lovely WIP fic by [ profile] lindentree called With No Lodestar In Sight and I keep wanting to refresh my experience of the film as new chapters come out. Also Netflix sent me Midnight in Paris, which is painfully adorable. Boy there were a lot of medium geniuses hanging out in Paris in the 1920s, huh? Dang.

Anyway, a shower needs to be had, a Grimm episode needs to be watched, I really can't get away from the passive voice today... Busy, busy, busy.

ETA: Grr, no Grimm episode. Fine, whatever.
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Jeez, I could stand an update, couldn't I? Well, anyway, over the last few days I took it upon myself to keep avoiding cleaning finally watch Avatar: The Last Airbender. The TV show, of course. I had made it through the second season, but missed the last one- just couldn't get the hang of kids' programming schedules. Plus, I'm pretty sure I was battling through my toughest semester of college at the time. But anyway, thanks to Netflix Instant, I finally got to watch the rest of this amazing show. And it really is amazing. Honestly, it's one of those things where, if you say you don't like it, I genuinely think you didn't get it. Sorry, but it's true, you didn't. Go back and try again. That finale, though- heh, they really went the full Dragon Ball Z on us, didn't they? I knew that field of giant rock columns looked familiar. I'll definitely have to keep an ear out for when the sequel's airing.

Let's see, other stuff, other stuff... I've got Snow Patrol's latest and Amy Winehouse's posthumous album to listen to, not sure when I'll get around to that. For now I think I'll go catch up on The Daily Show and see what this whole Colbert for President thing is about.

P.S. Grimm and Sherlock spoilers )
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Nerdist show tomorrow, guys. NERDIST SHOW TOMORROW, GUYS. *deep breath* I'm getting pretty psyched about it. It's been a trying week, on top of a long two-month wait, my work has become a biological war zone with people dropping like flies and my throat hasn't been quite right since the 22nd so I just need this to happen already.

I hope it's good. I haven't actually seen any of the guys' stand-up, so.. we'll see.

Other stuff, umm, saw The Borrowers- adorable, not so shockingly. Interesting soundtrack too, might have to look that up. Saw Sherlock- uh, good, I'm pretty sure. Hard to tell entirely, it was so busy with the stuff happening and all. Saw Captain America- I.. I really do like Steve Rogers, quite a bit. I'm pretty darn impressed with Chris Evans on that, he really did what he had to do there.

Anyway, Imma go watch a trashy movie now and try not to imagine getting another "THIS SHOW HAS BEEN POSTPONED" e-mail.
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All right! Things I want to watch tonight:
1) The rest of Seven, now I’ve got my replacement DVD.
2) Much Ado About Nothing with Catherine Tate and David Tennant once I purchase it. *GRABBY HANDS GRABBY HANDS GRABBY HANDS*
3) Dirty Jobs at 9pm if I can. I dunno, sometimes I really feel like watching that show.
So, with that eclectic mix, let’s get cracking! (Hopefully not literally, John Doe.)

And now the depressing conclusion of our adventure! )
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Okay, as has become a little bit of a tradition when I find myself watching movies that might do permanent damage to my psyche, I am live-blogging my viewing of Seven. Going by what I’ve heard of it, Seven seems to be something of a gold standard in creepy/gross/scarring cinema. So, clearly, I wanna take a look! So here we go.

P.S. I’ve recently had a Woodchuck, so... yeah. )
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Well, looks like yet another show I love is doomed to die. But, maybe, just maybe, given the small but wildly enthusiastic fanbase and all, things could improve. I'm thinking they might. I've seen a few petitions floating around, and you can always go to NBC's website and tell them how much you like the show and want it to stick around. Also, Tumblr's got a neat comm going where folks can submit photos of "Save Community" signs with/without themselves holding them. This one's mine. (I'm really glad I went with pen instead of sharpie, which was my first impulse.)

Otherwise, I've got one more quiet weekend ahead of me before I barrel into Thanksgiving. I'll be going down the ocean Thursday morning, and staying until Sunday, when I will be taken to a mysterious event I know almost nothing about...

Argh, I need to cook dinner, I need to wash that pot, I need to watch that hour-long panel Neil Gaiman posted, I need to watch Life in a Day on Netflix. But... but... I wanna do this meme! I haven't done it since 2009, which is ridiculous! So, whatever, let me just hurry up and get it done. You know, before Congress passes that law and the Great Firewall (US) goes up.

List seven songs that you are currently loving. It doesn't matter what genre they are from, whether they have words, or even if they're any good, but they must be songs you're really enjoying right now. Post these instructions, the artists, and the songs in your blog.

I think the world could use a clear connection )
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Kind of bushed right now. I got back from RenFest a little bit ago- a good time, as always, but when did all the cosplayers decide to show up? I saw two Tenth Doctors, one Eleventh Doctor, one Darth Maul (with full face make-up), a Queen Amidala (also with the face make-up), a Catwoman and a Batman, one of those black-skined white-haired DnD elf dudes (at least that's close, though still a first for me), and no less than three steampunk people. Also, more top hats than I'm used to seeing in a medieval setting. Probably a steampunk thing. I guess folks were basically breaking out their Halloween costumes early, which I don't particularly fault them for. But it still bugged me in a stupid nerd way.

In other news, I just started listening to the Thrilling Adventure Hour podcast and it's pretty amazing. It's a full-on radio play, stuffed with extremely talented folks (and several recognizable guest stars) and a nice dollop of humor. Honestly, it's... it's kind of a program I imagine would fit well into the Middleverse. I can see Wendy and Lacey and Noser listening to this. Each episode is less than thirty minutes long, and there are a bunch of different stories going on. There's the scifi western Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars, and the one that's like the Thin Man series plus supernatural stuff Beyond Belief, and there's the WWII action adventure with Nathan Fillion Jefferson Reid: Ace American. There's a noir-ish one about the guy who played the Creature from the Black Lagoon and another one about Amelia Earhart and some time-travel ones and another scifi one and some others and basically I'm going to be busy for a while is what I'm saying.

In conclusion, I'm recording a couple of haikus written by Tom Wilson (Biff/Griff/Buford Tannen of Back to the Future I/II/III). They're actually haiku songs, BTW. As the man himself says, haiku songs are "easier to write, right to the point."

This isn't for you, this is for me. Go listen to his interview on Todd Glass' podcast if you want the full effect. )

Ah, okay, I think I need some tea. And I need this dang Downton Abbey episode to finish downloading sometime before Walking Dead at nine. Come on, little buddy, you can do it!
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The new Discworld book Snuff came in the mail yesterday! Yeee! I was pretty surprised when I got the e-mail that it had shipped, and then again when it arrived. Sadly, I think I was unconsciously disconnecting from it emotionally a bit, since... you know. Anyway, I'm plowing through The Last Werewolf now (quite enjoying it), and I've also picked up Joshua Foer's Moonwalking with Einstein, which is a non-fiction book about memory. And to round out the short list I've decided I want to re-read Jane Eyre sometime soon. I don't think I've actually sat down and gone through it since the one time in high school. Otherwise, I'm toying with the idea of going to the library and finding a genuine scary book for the month. I'm leaning towards Silence of the Lambs. Any suggestions?

In the meantime, I've been catching up on Parks and Rec because of.. reasons. Because Netflix Instant is evil, basically. In any case, I'm enjoying that too, though now my brain has cast Rashida Jones as a character in The Last Werewolf kind of against my will. Not that there's anything wrong with her, but she just doesn't quite fit so I keep getting distracted trying to replace her.

Today, though, I wasn't really thinking about Discworld, or Parks and Rec. I was mostly thinking about these and how cool it would be to get a tattoo of one of them. Peace in particular. Yeah, I'm so not the body modification type, but... these are so COOL! I love the idea of a language based on circles, among a dozen OTHER things I love about Doctor Who, things that I could use reminding of from time to time, up to and including curiosity and empathy and the triumph of intellect and romance over brute force and cynicism. Seriously, if I'm still thinking about this come, say, next spring... might make it a birthday present to myself. Any advice from inked friends would be welcomed. ^^
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Things I meant to do today:

Go shopping for some new fall clothes, and eat at a restaurant that's doing this National Dine-Out for Childhood Hunger thing.

Things I ended up doing today:

Watched A Tale of Two Sisters, a ponderous Korean horror film that made me die a little inside, and then, to take the taste out of my head, devoured the first season of Downton Abbey.

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Wind √, rain √, power outage X, so a win all around. Some family and friends have been dealing with power outages but there's been no lose of life or property, so good news there too.

Moving on (unless/until Katia gets here...)! Indulged in some fun-time spending this week, to complement both getting paid and paying my rent, clearly. I've got:

1. Bossypants by Tina Fey, the audiobook. I'd resisted getting the hardback, but when I found out this was actually read by the lady in question, I figured it had to be a good time.
2. I'm With You by Red Hot Chili Peppers. I'm a little wary here- I listened to all of the samples on iTunes, and there were only like four or five tracks that seriously intrigued me, hm...
3. The Last Werewolf by Glen Duncan. It was staring straight at me when I walked into B&N, 20%-off sticker gleaming in the light... I've decided Jake (the werewolf, and do you think Mister Duncan was aware that that name was, uh.. taken? I hope not) will be played by Tim Roth in my head. So that should be fun. Also, FYI, the edges of the pages are dyed this kind of amazing ox-blood red.
4. Green tea with coconut, ginger, and vanilla. I had resisted it on a previous B&N trip, but I'm in need of an interesting new tea, so here we are.

In conclusion, I keep having long fic ideas that would require serious research to be at all decent. Boo. Maybe I should just develop that silly Cyrano de Bergerac-style romance thing. That could be fun. There would be pining, oh yes. But.. hrm... that's not what's tugging at me, you know? *sigh*

P.S. I've been reading through the Middleman Collected Series Indispensability lately. Remind me to do a compare and contrast with the show when I'm done, yeah?
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Weirded out my co-workers today. At lunch I was listening through earbuds to a Nerdist podcast on my phone and playing Spider Solitaire and generally having an excellent time. The episode was the audio recording of all five Mythbusters at Comic Con 2010 and it was delightful and lovely and also very, very funny. Therefore, to my co-workers, who were standing around outside my little work area, what I appeared to be doing was playing Spider Solitaire and shaking with laughter every so often for no apparent reason. This must have added an interesting element to their conversation, which was explaining to our new receptionist just how many of my immediate and extended family members work at the company and how we're all related.

The Nerdist is kind of awesome though. I'm catching up on it now, because just scrolling through the past episodes has sent me into paroxysms of geeky joy as I've spotted name after name of someone I adore. Folks like the Rifftrax guys, and Nathan Fillion, and Matt Smith, and Alison Brie, and Weird Al Yankovic, and Simon Pegg, and Maria Bamford, and Neil Gaiman, and Patton Oswalt, and Danny Pudi- all who apparently come on the show and just have a nice chat with the other guys on it whose names I haven't quite learned yet. It's not as structured as A Damn Movie Podcast, but that's okay. It can actually be really fascinating. In one episode they had an amazing intellectual discussion with Jim Gaffigan about stand-up comedy. Great stuff.

Anyway, so that's happening. Otherwise, there's this thing I want to do, but I'll need a little help. It's something I've talked about doing, but I haven't had as good an opportunity to give it a shot until now. I'd like to try writing while drunk. Or, considering the resources at hand (my last two Woodchucks), writing while decently buzzed. So, I'm gonna need some prompts. I'm tempted to say the weirder the better, but then, this is the Internet, so I guess I'll go with use your best judgment. The experiment won't commence until Saturday, so you have until then. Hit me.
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It does not bear thinking about, how hot it is outside right now. But, on the up side, one of the AC units in our server room at work crapped out so all the computers had to be turned off, which meant HOME EARLY HOME EARLY YAY! I really wish I could celebrate with a Woodchuck cider or at least a cream soda. Alas.

Anyway, I fully intend to spend the next 90+ degree day or so inside, watching and/or perhaps listening to things. There probably should be some vacuuming in there too, we'll see. But in the meantime, tell me what to watch! Last weekend I had a minor crisis trying to pick something because there are just so damn many things I want to either re-watch or check out.


Ooh, looks like a storm might be blowing in to help things out a bit! Yay! Anyway, while you are reccing stuff for me, I'd like to give a more assertive shout-out for Dylan Moran's What It Is stand-up special, which some goodly soul has put on YouTube. It is really hilarious, and full of ridiculously quotable things that will make you laugh later on when you remember them.
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Dangit, I want to go to bed at ten like a good girl, but things keep being on! Monday it was Alphas (still deciding on that one), Tuesday it was Cover Affairs (meh), and today I discovered Deadliest Warrior's new season is premiering. Come on, Washington vs. Bonaparte! You know you want to find out who would win that fight. And hey, on the credits sequence, I think I spotted a real live lady! Wooo! Never seen one of them on this show!

Anyway, how about a nice traditional meme:

Give me a pairing and I'll tell you:

1. When or if I started shipping them:
2. What I think their challenge is:
3. What makes me happy about them:
4. What makes me sad about them:
5. What moment I wish had never happened:
6. Who I'd be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other:
7. My happily ever after for them:

ETA: Double dangit! US Top Gear premieres at ten next Sunday. Noooo! And yaaay!
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Got deeply bored at work today. So I accidentally drew Cthulu. )

Meanwhile, I wanted to try this out- remember that Fandom-as-an-Ex meme from aaaages ago? I am going to attempt it again, but this time, with music. Let's see how this works...

Things I Learned: this meme is kind of awkward when you're potentially referring to actual people, as opposed to fandoms, even when you're really just talking about their work. )

Lastly, I have received and listened to The Real Tuesday Weld's new album. Still collecting my thoughts on it, I need to give it a few more tries before I have a solid opinion. I can say that there are a couple tracks I'm 90% sure I can do without, as well as a couple tracks I'm 100% sure I can't do without.

ETA: I wish I knew how to quit you, Netflix. No, really, I wish I did. Slapping us all with a huge price increase for the same damn service is a straight-up no-frills dick move. *sigh* ... *trudges off to watch Let Me In on Instant*
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Ugh. There is something seriously wrong with my air conditioning. The air keeps blowing and blowing, but it never gets any colder. I'm so hot I almost feel hungover. I called the apartment office yesterday morning to fix it, but no one's called back.

Screw this. I'm putting some clothes on and going to see PotC: On Stranger Tides.

P.S. X-Men: First Class was not a good movie. But it was pretty. And slashier than you could possibly hope for. Thanks to everyone who voted.

Also, I don't know if I mentioned it before, but I'm working my way through S1 of Community via Netflix. It's going to take me a while, because it's so good I keep wanting to watch the episodes again as soon as I'm done.

ETA: Home. Heat still intolerable, but on the upside I'm utilizing my balcony for the first time. Here's hoping for no mosquitoes, just lots of friendly, lovely fireflies. *twitches*

PotC 4 was quite a good time. Much better than X-Men 4(5? Are we counting Wolverine? Do we have to?). I always hear people complaining they can't follow the plots of the PotC movies, but I've honestly never had a problem with that. And anyway, you can just tell that pretty much all of the actors are having so much fun dressing up and playing pirate, and who can blame them? Also, I'm more than a little pleased my old PotC fic wasn't totally and utterly Jossed by the new canon mermaids.

Hm, actually, returning to the plot issue, I do have bit of a bone to pick. Maybe it was resolved in a deleted scene, but what happened after acts of spoilers were committed )
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So, I'm currently inching through Made in America: an Informal History of the English Language in the United States by Bill Bryson. I'm learning lots of interesting stuff. Like, you know the phrase "stiff upper lip?" Of course you do. Guess what- Americanism, coined in 1815. Earlier I read Bryson's Mother Tongue: English and How It Got That Way where I learned why the word "colonel" is the way it is (we use the French-ish spelling, but the Italian-ish pronunciation- neato!). I really do love English linguistics. Every word is... well, kind of like a person, with a whole geneology of other words that it came from, and words it's related to. The English language is very much like the American people... if you want to get super sappy about it. *winces*

Anyway, that's not even what I wanted to talk about! See, I'm inching through Made in America because it is a huge thick hardback. And since I really don't like carrying those around wherever I go, instead I've been carrying around the nice portable paperback Discworld book The Last Continent. And today the IT guy installed something on my computer he then had to spend over an hour trying to uninstall, so I had time to dip into it, and I came across this:

[T]here's something comforting in knowing that some of the best brains in the University... were spending all night in the High Energy Magic Building, trying to teach Hex to sing "Lydia the Tattooed Lady," exulting at getting a machine to do after six hours' work something that any human off the street would do for tuppence...

Hmm, I knew a tattooed lady named Lydia... Heroes, did you.. did you make a very obscure Discworld reference that last season? If so, I would feel the tiniest bit better about that whole hot mess.

So, something to ponder. I'm off to watch Breakfast on Pluto.


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