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Eee, one of my old professors was on Jackie Kashian's podcast The Dork Forest! That guy's great- I love that he's almost getting sorta famous with his Tolkien podcast. I'm holding out hope the rumors of him being interviewed on The Colbert Report end up being true. I might actually start listening to his podcast myself, once I finish The Hobbit. Slow going right now, as with everything I read. We've made it to the foot of the Lonely Mountain, though! According to this Dork Forest episode, some serious shit has yet to go down. I'm nervous.

Dark Shadows was meh. Up next on my Summer O' Movie-Watchin' is Moonrise Kingdom (which I'm psyched for) and Men in Black III (DON'T JUDGE ME- the second one is crap but the first one is important to me, also the previews have looked good). They'll both probably have to wait though, since I'll be down the beach for the long weekend. Might have to make some more weekday treks to the theater. Because I am an adult.

The post OUaT dry spell is over.. ish. I tried doing a post-finale fix-it reaction kind of thing, but it's mostly stalled now. I might just scribble out the bit I really wanted to as a drabble and stick it on Tumblr. As for the other fic (sequel to As Easy As to Know, for the three people who care and aren't reading this), I'm having plot issues. There are two things I want to do, mostly because they'll be amusing, and I'm not 100% sure I can do them both. One thing kind of depends on just how long of a long game Gold's been playing this whole time. And indeed, in canon it has been very long. The other thing involves research. *shudder*

In conclusion, the next one of these: 8 – Do you write OCs? And if so, what do you do to make certain they're not Mary Sues, and if not, explain your thoughts on OCs. )


Jan. 7th, 2012 04:43 pm
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I'M BACK. The Nerdist show was super duper very awesomely cool- dang funny stand-up from all the guys, plus the lady who plays GLaDOS in Portal was there with her husband. I don't play the game but I've heard all the great things about it and in any case they were charming folks. Really the only downside to the evening was that at some point I misplaced my lovely sonic screwdriver. I'm really not sure where it got to between the end of the show and this morning, but anyway, of all the things that could've gotten lost, I'm relieved that was it.

Also other things happened, like me ASKING A QUEMMENT. I stood before Chris Hardwick and Matt Mira and Jonah Ray and spoke into a microphone and they (well, mostly Chris since the question part was directed at him) spoke back! And it was recorded! So, if you want to know what I sound like when I'm freaking out but doing my best to keep a lid on it, listen to the DC podcast when it's posted on Nerdist (ETA: assuming they don't edit it out, which isn't impossible they didn't- also, is that what I sound like?! Super weird). I'm the one mangling the Thrilling Adventure Hour catchphrase "The nation's favorite new-time podcast in the style of old-time radio." *sigh*

And now I shall rest. With the holidays and then the Nerdist show the last few weeks have been nuts, and I could use a little break. My apartment needs a good cleaning, my fic needs a good writing, etc, etc.
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Nerdist show tomorrow, guys. NERDIST SHOW TOMORROW, GUYS. *deep breath* I'm getting pretty psyched about it. It's been a trying week, on top of a long two-month wait, my work has become a biological war zone with people dropping like flies and my throat hasn't been quite right since the 22nd so I just need this to happen already.

I hope it's good. I haven't actually seen any of the guys' stand-up, so.. we'll see.

Other stuff, umm, saw The Borrowers- adorable, not so shockingly. Interesting soundtrack too, might have to look that up. Saw Sherlock- uh, good, I'm pretty sure. Hard to tell entirely, it was so busy with the stuff happening and all. Saw Captain America- I.. I really do like Steve Rogers, quite a bit. I'm pretty darn impressed with Chris Evans on that, he really did what he had to do there.

Anyway, Imma go watch a trashy movie now and try not to imagine getting another "THIS SHOW HAS BEEN POSTPONED" e-mail.
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Kind of bushed right now. I got back from RenFest a little bit ago- a good time, as always, but when did all the cosplayers decide to show up? I saw two Tenth Doctors, one Eleventh Doctor, one Darth Maul (with full face make-up), a Queen Amidala (also with the face make-up), a Catwoman and a Batman, one of those black-skined white-haired DnD elf dudes (at least that's close, though still a first for me), and no less than three steampunk people. Also, more top hats than I'm used to seeing in a medieval setting. Probably a steampunk thing. I guess folks were basically breaking out their Halloween costumes early, which I don't particularly fault them for. But it still bugged me in a stupid nerd way.

In other news, I just started listening to the Thrilling Adventure Hour podcast and it's pretty amazing. It's a full-on radio play, stuffed with extremely talented folks (and several recognizable guest stars) and a nice dollop of humor. Honestly, it's... it's kind of a program I imagine would fit well into the Middleverse. I can see Wendy and Lacey and Noser listening to this. Each episode is less than thirty minutes long, and there are a bunch of different stories going on. There's the scifi western Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars, and the one that's like the Thin Man series plus supernatural stuff Beyond Belief, and there's the WWII action adventure with Nathan Fillion Jefferson Reid: Ace American. There's a noir-ish one about the guy who played the Creature from the Black Lagoon and another one about Amelia Earhart and some time-travel ones and another scifi one and some others and basically I'm going to be busy for a while is what I'm saying.

In conclusion, I'm recording a couple of haikus written by Tom Wilson (Biff/Griff/Buford Tannen of Back to the Future I/II/III). They're actually haiku songs, BTW. As the man himself says, haiku songs are "easier to write, right to the point."

This isn't for you, this is for me. Go listen to his interview on Todd Glass' podcast if you want the full effect. )

Ah, okay, I think I need some tea. And I need this dang Downton Abbey episode to finish downloading sometime before Walking Dead at nine. Come on, little buddy, you can do it!
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Weirded out my co-workers today. At lunch I was listening through earbuds to a Nerdist podcast on my phone and playing Spider Solitaire and generally having an excellent time. The episode was the audio recording of all five Mythbusters at Comic Con 2010 and it was delightful and lovely and also very, very funny. Therefore, to my co-workers, who were standing around outside my little work area, what I appeared to be doing was playing Spider Solitaire and shaking with laughter every so often for no apparent reason. This must have added an interesting element to their conversation, which was explaining to our new receptionist just how many of my immediate and extended family members work at the company and how we're all related.

The Nerdist is kind of awesome though. I'm catching up on it now, because just scrolling through the past episodes has sent me into paroxysms of geeky joy as I've spotted name after name of someone I adore. Folks like the Rifftrax guys, and Nathan Fillion, and Matt Smith, and Alison Brie, and Weird Al Yankovic, and Simon Pegg, and Maria Bamford, and Neil Gaiman, and Patton Oswalt, and Danny Pudi- all who apparently come on the show and just have a nice chat with the other guys on it whose names I haven't quite learned yet. It's not as structured as A Damn Movie Podcast, but that's okay. It can actually be really fascinating. In one episode they had an amazing intellectual discussion with Jim Gaffigan about stand-up comedy. Great stuff.

Anyway, so that's happening. Otherwise, there's this thing I want to do, but I'll need a little help. It's something I've talked about doing, but I haven't had as good an opportunity to give it a shot until now. I'd like to try writing while drunk. Or, considering the resources at hand (my last two Woodchucks), writing while decently buzzed. So, I'm gonna need some prompts. I'm tempted to say the weirder the better, but then, this is the Internet, so I guess I'll go with use your best judgment. The experiment won't commence until Saturday, so you have until then. Hit me.


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