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Woof, this week flew by! Now I finally have a minute to inflict pictures from my NYC trip on you! Yay!

Pictured: flowers, art, buildings, props, a rainbow, and a chincilla )

So, that was last weekend. This weekend is hopefully a special viewing of Serenity down in Virginia, followed by friends of friends' BBQ party! Also, Netflix had better come through and get me Coriolanus like they said they would today. I'm especially excited to check it out because, well, in a word: nemesis.
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Yesss, new Rifftrax Live. In August. And it's Manos: the Hands of Fate. I've never worked up the nerve to watch that one, though I faintly recall seeing a bit of it on TV waaay back when. It honestly freaked me out, but then I probably had no idea what the context was. I found Crow's silhouette somewhat creepy back then too. Sorry, Crow.

In other news, Rumbelle tea is as tasty as it is dorky. Those berry flavors are off the charts. There was like a whole dried strawberry in my last cup! Brew for two and half minutes and enjoy.

PICTURE, because like all of my generation I feel the urgent need to document my life )

So, it's looking highly likely that I'm going to get my vision corrected next Thursday. I'd like to be more excited about it, but I read the laundry list of possible screw-ups that could happen, and it keeps cutting in whenever I think about it. Whatever. I really, really don't want to be functionally blind anymore, I have the means to do it, the place I'm going to has done the procedure hundreds of thousands of times, so there. I've worn glasses since I was seven years old- I can't really wrap my head around the idea of just seeing without them. Still, I'm looking forward to it. This coming up Sunday I think I'll go shopping for my first pair of non-prescription sunglasses. After I go to the pharmacy and get the eyedrops I'm supposed to use so my eyes don't die.

Meme time! 9 – Pairings – For each of the fandoms from day two, what are your three favorite pairings to write? )
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Working on my trifecta of chores today. Laundry's done, cleaning's done, cooking... could go either way at this point. We'll see. It's looking like it might rain, and I have to do a quick Safeway run if I'm going to cook...

Had my younger brother's college graduation dinner last night, which was nice. I tried roasted bone marrow! I was looking at the restaurant's menu online the day before and I saw a dish that came with bone marrow and I thought, "Well, Anthony Bourdain seems to like it, I wanna take a shot!" Here's what it looked like, just like on TV: )

It was.. okay I guess. There really wasn't much to it, maybe a spoonful, the spoon being super tiny. I kept poking at bits of it, trying to see if any more was edible. It tasted mostly like the fat on a steak, but a little different. Overall, I probably won't go out of my way for it again.

Otherwise, let's see... The Avengers, aw yeah. Basically everything a dork like me could ask for, plus a surprise Tony/Bruce bonus. Those two... I got serious feels for them, you guys. Did not expect that. I mean, just look, and look, and look. I feel guilty, because Pepper's awesome and she's adorable with Tony, but...

I'm nervous about the OUaT finale. Please don't suck, show. You can... yes, okay, yes, you can Joss all my fic that is, was, or ever could be. Just don't suck while you do it, all right?

In conclusion, I totally meant to go see Dark Shadows this weekend. Oops. Maybe I'll go Wednesday. Wednesday's a nice day to do fun stuff- it really livens up the week.

Oh! The fic-writing meme! Almost forgot. Okay, we have got: 7 – Have you ever had a fic change your opinion of a character? )

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Good evening! I had an interesting day today. Spent it with some friendly young strangers in DC. Well, I say strangers- a stranger is never really a stranger if they're also a nerdfighter. Anyway, we ate pizza, saw a lovely congregation of kites on the Mall, and took in a suprasensorial experience at the Hirshhorn. Check out some of my kite pictures!

Pretty huge, but worth it. )

So that was neat. I also posted a little Rumbelle thing on Tumblr where basically Belle is Regina's croney and has no memories of life before Storybrooke. Or does she? *dundundunn*

Otherwise, I think I'll watch me some Blazing Saddles tonight. And, what the hey, let's have another fic-writing question.

2 – Name the fandoms you've written in, and how much you've written in that fandom, and if you still write in it. )
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Oh god, I just got back from having a cavity filled and I'm numb from my lower lip and my tongue to my right ear, for eff's sake! My right temple feels weird, guys! I keep feeling these tiny itches but when I go to scratch them the area is numb! Ugh, I'm gonna go look up that vlogbrothers workout video because my dentist said activity makes the novocaine wear off faster.

Oh jeez, I just took a sip of some juice and I couldn't feel it AT ALL on the right side of my mouth, nor on most of my tongue. This is not fun, though at least the taste of novocaine is gone.

On the plus side of today, Community! At the cost of Parks and Rec apparently, which is not cool, but whatever. Also, I thought I looked quite nice, with my new clothes. It was a good hair day. And I got a bit of writing done at work. That always makes me feel accomplished, in a slightly naughty way. And finally, my mom and stepdad got me a pair of flower boxes for my birthday and helped me set them up a couple weeks ago, and now sprouts! )

Okay, I'm gonna do the workout and wait a few hours and try to drink some dinner.

ETA: Just so you know, licking your numb lip with your numb tongue feels like doing absolutely nothing. Maybe making part of your face move a little bit. But it's a part that's also numb, so it doesn't really matter.
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Holy crap I need to adjust my crepe recipe. All my dinners since Sunday have been crepes. I'm not even sure I should've had the batter in the fridge for that long. After the inaugural Nutella and raspberry jelly, and two ground beef and onion and peas, I had one tuna and mayo and cheese, one fried egg (see Diagram 1), and I just tried out lemon curd and clementine slices (eh). I gotta get me some scones for that lemon curd. Nothing else will do.

Diagram 1 )

Also, I was going to run out and see Chronicle after work, but I decided to go for the other scifi film featuring troubled youths that Netflix sent, Attack the Block. I just finished it- that is one solid picture, I'd say. Worth all the praise I've seen for it.

Um, that's it, I guess. Crepe adventures, movies- yeah, that's all.
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Well, not seeing Nerdist Live today, which is a drag. But, what I am doing instead:

1. Making egg-in-a-basket! Almost timely! It was delicious, because you use so much butter/margarine:

the picture captures maybe 45% of its delectableness. )

2. Probably getting Mylo Xyloto by Coldplay, perhaps even listening to it. I waited a really long time to get Viva la Vida, so long I think all the hype kind of ruined it for me a bit. There were really only a few songs that did much for me. Oh, and the thing where they smush two songs onto one track annoys the crap out of me. "Lovers in Japan" is great! "Reign of Love" is not! Why do they have to be stuck together like they are? Whatever, I have two other new albums that I haven't gotten around to listening to yet, and I really want to, I have a really good feeling about them, but I'm afraid Coldplay has seniority, by the weird imaginary new music rules in my head.

3. Maybe watch the rest of disc two of Community's second season. Again, slow going, since the show's so awesome. Mmm, "Conspiracy Theories & Interior Design"...

And now my mom and stepdad are coming up to visit grandparents and stuff and they're swinging in here in a few hours for a bit and then we're going to dinner, so that's the rest of my day. Boy, hope I get home in time to for Downton Abbey and Once Upon a Time (yeah, I got sucked in too).
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You know what I realized yesterday? I have, quietly and without conscious thought, over the course of many years, been constructing a Ninth Doctor costume. In chronological order:

1. I got a black leather jacket, years ago, possibly some time during college but maybe even in high school. Maybe in between. I don't wear it hardly ever, because it's fancy and I'm scared I'll hurt it. But it's pretty awesome, very soft. Not strictly Ninth Doctor-y in the details, but still, it's a black leather jacket.
2. I got black jeans several months ago. Skinny jeans, I must admit. I know, staple of the basic hipster uniform, but these have worked out great so far. Except for the gold stitching, which makes them much harder to find matching tops for.
3. I got black combat boots a month or so ago. Look, they were less than $50, okay? And they were in my size, and basically comfortable, and sometimes I like to pretend I'm cool like that, so there.
4. I got a V-neck sweater something like a month or so ago. I'm not actually sure if I got the boots or the sweater first. Anyway, it's red, brighter than I'd like if I had been doing any of this consciously, but whatever. It looks good, especially with the pants and jacket.

The only thing I was missing (besides a buzz-cut, I guess) was a sonic screwdriver... )

So, looks like a change of wardrobe for the Nerdist Live Show I'm going to next weekend. Not sure when I'll be able to bust out the DW/MST3K mash-up T-shirt and/or bow tie, but I'll think of something. And of course, this all hinges on the show actually happening, and I just got an e-mail saying it's been postponed. Fantastic.
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Dude, snow is coming down like Narnia over here! I wish I could take a picture of it, but snow really doesn't show up worth a damn on camera. But yeah, just think of Narnia, and put green-brown leaves on all the trees. It's bizarre. Suddenly my plans to see The Thing today have become at once more appropriate and less feasible. Jeez, I was thinking of going to an evening show, but maybe I should pick an early one, just in case it gets genuinely nasty out.

Okay, it's calming down a bit now. From the sound of my roof there might be some rain mixed in as well. Hopefully that'll melt anything on the roads. Anyway, here's the best picture I managed:

Commence people from snowy states laughing at my temperate climate weakness, since now it's practically stopped. Boy, we really drink the Kool-Aid with those scary weather reports, you know?

Uh oh, it's starting up again...
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BAM! )

In other news, the family weekend was very long, and involved going to a museum I had been to a week and a day earlier, but I survived, and even eeked out a little time on Sunday night for Downton Abbey and the DW finale. In regards to the latter, I'm... moderately satisfied, and that's all I'll say outside a cut. )

Speaking of mysteries, I discovered one of my own today. At work I have a calendar and mostly what's on it are TV shows and/or movie premieres I want to watch because I'm a huge dork. Mostly I just use initials, like "W.D. 9pm" for the Walking Dead premiere on October 16th. However, today I noticed that on Thursday, November 3rd, I'd written "P.U.V." and I honestly have no idea what it's supposed to mean. It must be important- I don't add things to the calendar unless I really want to see them. But no matter how much I wrack my brain, I can't remember what P.U.V. is supposed to stand for. I don't think a Google search would help much with only the initials and the date to go on... Nope, just tried it, nothing. I'm flummoxed.

So, anyway, onward to this evening. I'm finally going to see the latest Jane Eyre with Mia Wasikowska and Michael Fassbender. [livejournal.com profile] zombres, I'm with you- Ruth Wilson and Toby Stephens will always be my Jane and Rochester, but I'm still curious about this version.

ETA: Well, just finished it. It's very pretty, and I really might look up the soundtrack, but... Well, obviously I've been spoiled by the Masterpiece Theatre Jane Eyre. A two-hour movie is not going to compare to a four-hour miniseries. But that said... I dunno, I think maybe they were so hung up on atmosphere, the actual characters and their interactions came a distant second. One of the things I absolutely adore about the MT Jane Eyre is how Jane and Rochester make each other laugh. They tease and banter back and forth and it's obvious they're more comfortable with each other than anyone else. With this, you don't really get hardly any of that. Suddenly, it's the proposal scene and Rochester's all "We've become good friends, haven't we?" and I'm sitting there like, "Uh, when was that? I must've missed it." And I can't blame it entirely on plot-compression. I really think they could have worked in more than they did. So, I think I'll keep my two discs of the MT version and send this back to Netflix.
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Got a big family weekend coming up (I typed "family movie" at first- there's something wrong with me; also, whoa! The font's different in the box.. where you type... the entry thing.), my sister's up from Florida and there's this big get-together Saturday for my maternal grandmother's eightieth birthday. We're going to a German restaurant, which I'm excited about because there's a rabbit dish on the menu I'd really like to try, /shameless carnivore. So, that's the good news. On the bad side, it looks pretty likely I'm going to miss the Doctor Who season finale I've been waiting to see for... how many months? When did this brutally long season start? My memory doesn't go back that far. Even if I do make it home before 9pm, my mom and my sister will be staying with me, and I'm cringing already at my mom's reaction to me saying I want to watch a TV show when I'm supposed to want to, I dunno, soul-bond with her and my sister.

However! More good news! I have finally received my very first gen-u-wine geeky T-shirt. I got it from redbubble, and it's pretty rad. And appropriate, considering the current tension between my fannish/familial duties!

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Got deeply bored at work today. So I accidentally drew Cthulu. )

Meanwhile, I wanted to try this out- remember that Fandom-as-an-Ex meme from aaaages ago? I am going to attempt it again, but this time, with music. Let's see how this works...

Things I Learned: this meme is kind of awkward when you're potentially referring to actual people, as opposed to fandoms, even when you're really just talking about their work. )

Lastly, I have received and listened to The Real Tuesday Weld's new album. Still collecting my thoughts on it, I need to give it a few more tries before I have a solid opinion. I can say that there are a couple tracks I'm 90% sure I can do without, as well as a couple tracks I'm 100% sure I can't do without.

ETA: I wish I knew how to quit you, Netflix. No, really, I wish I did. Slapping us all with a huge price increase for the same damn service is a straight-up no-frills dick move. *sigh* ... *trudges off to watch Let Me In on Instant*
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Had an off-putting experience after I made it to the beach yesterday. I had just gotten in (after an extra hour sitting in traffic DX), and I wandered into the kitchen while my mom was outside doing something, and sitting on the counter I noticed a glass jar with a butterfly inside. The butterfly was small-ish and kind of monarch-colored, and it was fluttering around, making that sad little dink noise when it hit the glass, settling down to slowly flap its wings and then take off again. I walked over to the sliding door to ask my mom why she had a butterfly trapped in a jar. She came inside, and showed me that the butterfly was a ROBOT. It was attached to a near-invisible wire that came down from the lid, which hides the on-off switch and the battery. You have to look really closely at the butterfly to notice the body is just two little pieces of black plastic with no legs or antennae and that the wings are printed plastic. Otherwise, when you're just watching it twitch and flap and flutter, it looks TOTALLY real, and it TOTALLY gives me the Uncanny Valley heebs.

Here's a picture of the one we have: SO FREAKY )

So that was weird.
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Here's a fun thing that happens at work sometimes. We recently updated all our computers to Window's latest regeneration, and it's got all kinds of bells and whistles on it, among them being the noises it can make when you, say, get a new e-mail. Now, someone in my office, I'm not sure who, has chosen a certain.. suite of sounds, and when she (there's only ladies within hearing distance of my desk) does something, I'm not sure what, her computer makes a certain sound. I may not consciously register that sound when it happens, but eventually, I'll notice there's a song stuck in my head. A very specific song. A song I really like an awful lot. Yes, "City of Blinding Lights" by U2 was my jam for like five months back in high school. So it's really nice to just be minding my own business, doing something boring (a.k.a. working), and suddenly realize one of my most favorite songs is playing in my head.

more thoughts on that subject, cut for a vid your browser probably doesn't feel like dealing with )

So that's fun. What's not fun is the fact that several members of my government are trying to deny access for me and other American women to everything from birth control to cancer screenings to the right to choose a safe, legal abortion, should any of us need any of those things. Does that seem a little ridiculous to you? If so, you might want to go here and join the photo petition like I did. It's neat- I printed out the little sign they ask you to hold (you can also make your own). I made a little art project out of it, because that's a very good way to get me to focus intently on something for a very long time. Here's what I came up with:

cut for a biiig pic )
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Cookies. Cookies, man, cookies. Best thing in the world? Or BEST THING IN THE WORLD? These are the cookies my mom would make every Christmas. Eventually I got old enough to say, "I want them now," when it wasn't Christmas and make them myself. Honestly, I think I do them better than Mom these days. Though maybe not this batch, TBH. Needed a little more baking soda or something. Maybe my mixing action wasn't quite planetary enough. Anyway, wanna learn how to make 'em yourself?

Chocolate chip cookies with cinammon. VERY easy recipe. )

So, that's the cooking portion of the weekend done. As for the fic portion- well, one down, seven more to go. Again, any Plaude prompts would be appreciated.

For now I think I'm gonna go back to Hulu and watch some episodes of Being Human (US version) that I missed, and then listen to the commentaries that are on it, because Sam Witwer (Aidan- vampire), Sam Huntington (Josh- werewolf), and Meaghan Rath (Sally- ghost) are freaking adorable and hilarious human beings. I already heard the commentary for part one of the pilot, and wow, these guys. Just like all the best casts, I want them to adopt me. Or at least let me sit quietly in a corner and listen to them talk- which I can basically do, thanks to these commentaries. So, yay!
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Just watched Toy Story 3 on Instant. Boy, that was exactly what I needed after today, which has been disheartening for a lot of reasons. And, like probably around 99% of people who watched that movie, it made me get up and dig out my old toys.

There were a lot of toy culls between growing up, going to college, and my mom selling the house. I made a rule for myself: if I remember its name, it stays. I had some toys I really loved, but if they weren't special enough that I remembered the name I gave them, they went. These are the toys that stayed, because I can introduce them.

They've come with me this far, I guess they'll be here til the end. )

Ah, nice to get nostalgic sometimes. Anyways, I've decided this weekend is going to be a cooking weekend. Beef stew on one day and chocolate chip cookies on the other, I'm not sure in what order. And, of course, writing. I've only got three solid options to help fill the eight-fic gap to one hundred Plaude fics. So, y'know, if anyone has some Plaude ideas they want to unload on me- as long as its not too complex (no multi-chapter epics), I just might write it!
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Made another really good chili tonight. And this time I have pictures! And I even figured out how to make them not so embarrassingly huge!

the pictures in question + the ridiculously simple recipe for the curious )

Makes... a bunch, I dunno. I make this when I need something to eat for most of a week. It's super good, and is also one of those meals that gets better with time as all the flavors sink together. I'm going back for another bowl. :D
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Cross your fingers for me, folks. My very first meatloaf is sizzling away in the oven right now, but unfortunately I don't really know what temperature my oven is set to. Because it's also the first time I've used my oven and some genius messed with the temperature dial so it doesn't read right. So, as of now I'm just kind of babysitting it. I hope the temperature is hotter than it should be, because A) the meatloaf will be done faster and B) I just think I'll be able to tell more easily how done it is. It's looking browner than before, and there's the aforementioned sizzling going on, and it smells pretty tasty. So that's good, right? *runs to check it again* A little browner, a little more sizzling, more or less the same smell.

In other news! Yesterday, apropos to mostly nothing except boredom and hearing about it so much I guess it seeped into my unconscious, I started watching Misfits. I'm all caught up now. *runs to check meatloaf* *runs back to cut for spoilers* )

*checks meatloaf: status report- looks about done through (smoke alarm just went off, I turned on the stove fan and pressed the button on the alarm and it stopped) but a little mushy so I'll let it go a while longer* I don't really like having the fan on. I can't hear the sizzle this way which was helping me keep an eye on it.

All right, took it out.

Looks okay... )

Well, I'm hungry anyway. Once again, as long as I don't poison myself, it's a win! I better go get my mashed potatoes and peas done before it gets cold.

ETA: Damn, I just realized I forgot to put ketchup on it halfway through like you're supposed to. Nuts.

ETA2: Not bad! Maybe next time go a little lighter on the oregano, add a little salt, remember the ketchup. And, y'know, let my landlady know the dial on my oven is somewhat borked.
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Aw nuts. I made beef stew yesterday, and it came out fine. Great, even. As you can see here:

I'm embarrassed by how big these pictures are! )

In other news, my dad and stepmom got me an amaryllis plant as a housewarming gift a while ago, and it's finally all bloomed! See?

Nice bit of summer in the dead of winter. )
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For now, at least. That may change around 11am or so, but I kind of doubt it. Because adults (who don't have kids) love snow days the way people who have one big banquet-style meal maybe a few times in their lives love those meals, as opposed to people who have big banquet-style meals a few times a month (i.e. school-age children). Anyway, is it just me, or has there been some kind of weather event once a week around Tuesday/Wednesday? ... Oh crap, I just checked weather.com and they're calling for more snow on Friday and Saturday. Dude, please no. This is fine, this is good- I like getting off work, not being unable to get my car out of its parking spot. I need to go to the grocery store sometime soon! I'M OUT OF V8 SPLASH!

Anyway, here's a picture. More for me in a few months when it's 90+ degrees outside and I want to remember winter:
yeesh, my iPhone pictures are huge )

So, I've got another disc of S5 Doctor Who to watch, and podcasts to listen to, and stuff to write, and hopefully one more episode of Hawaii 5-0 to find online. Here's hoping I don't get a call to trudge into the office later on.


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