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Looks like we've got a nice bit of snow going tonight. About time, right, my fellow Mid-Atlanticers? Anyway, I could be reading fic now, or writing it, or watching more Vlogbrothers vids (it's really awful how each one is usually no more than four minutes- keeps making you think you have time for "just one more"... until you don't). But instead, I want to try a meme I just invented! Hm, is it really a meme if you're the first to do it? I feel like the definition of a meme would have to include some kind of lifespan greater than.. right now. Anyway, it's kind of a combination of that one where you use your music library to write a poem by taking the first lines of thirteen songs that come up on shuffle, and the one where you write down the first song that comes up for certain words when you type them into the search bar. I'm going to take a few words from that list, and write a poem using the first lines of all the tracks that come up when I type each word into the search bar. Get it? Sure you do! So here we go!

Okay, first problem: it's tough to pick words that don't come up with, like, 60+ songs... )

I'd say that worked out pretty well, though I might add a proviso like.. only use the songs that have the particular word in the title. I got screwed by a lot of album names in there. And it gets tricky when you want to be true to the lines that come up, but you'd also like the poem to make sense. I've compromised by fiddling with the order the songs came in and the punctuation, while refusing to change any words or delete lines that are awkward. And now it seems to have mostly stopped snowing. Boo-urns, says my inner child.
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Jeez, I could stand an update, couldn't I? Well, anyway, over the last few days I took it upon myself to keep avoiding cleaning finally watch Avatar: The Last Airbender. The TV show, of course. I had made it through the second season, but missed the last one- just couldn't get the hang of kids' programming schedules. Plus, I'm pretty sure I was battling through my toughest semester of college at the time. But anyway, thanks to Netflix Instant, I finally got to watch the rest of this amazing show. And it really is amazing. Honestly, it's one of those things where, if you say you don't like it, I genuinely think you didn't get it. Sorry, but it's true, you didn't. Go back and try again. That finale, though- heh, they really went the full Dragon Ball Z on us, didn't they? I knew that field of giant rock columns looked familiar. I'll definitely have to keep an ear out for when the sequel's airing.

Let's see, other stuff, other stuff... I've got Snow Patrol's latest and Amy Winehouse's posthumous album to listen to, not sure when I'll get around to that. For now I think I'll go catch up on The Daily Show and see what this whole Colbert for President thing is about.

P.S. Grimm and Sherlock spoilers )
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Well, looks like yet another show I love is doomed to die. But, maybe, just maybe, given the small but wildly enthusiastic fanbase and all, things could improve. I'm thinking they might. I've seen a few petitions floating around, and you can always go to NBC's website and tell them how much you like the show and want it to stick around. Also, Tumblr's got a neat comm going where folks can submit photos of "Save Community" signs with/without themselves holding them. This one's mine. (I'm really glad I went with pen instead of sharpie, which was my first impulse.)

Otherwise, I've got one more quiet weekend ahead of me before I barrel into Thanksgiving. I'll be going down the ocean Thursday morning, and staying until Sunday, when I will be taken to a mysterious event I know almost nothing about...

Argh, I need to cook dinner, I need to wash that pot, I need to watch that hour-long panel Neil Gaiman posted, I need to watch Life in a Day on Netflix. But... but... I wanna do this meme! I haven't done it since 2009, which is ridiculous! So, whatever, let me just hurry up and get it done. You know, before Congress passes that law and the Great Firewall (US) goes up.

List seven songs that you are currently loving. It doesn't matter what genre they are from, whether they have words, or even if they're any good, but they must be songs you're really enjoying right now. Post these instructions, the artists, and the songs in your blog.

I think the world could use a clear connection )
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Well, not seeing Nerdist Live today, which is a drag. But, what I am doing instead:

1. Making egg-in-a-basket! Almost timely! It was delicious, because you use so much butter/margarine:

the picture captures maybe 45% of its delectableness. )

2. Probably getting Mylo Xyloto by Coldplay, perhaps even listening to it. I waited a really long time to get Viva la Vida, so long I think all the hype kind of ruined it for me a bit. There were really only a few songs that did much for me. Oh, and the thing where they smush two songs onto one track annoys the crap out of me. "Lovers in Japan" is great! "Reign of Love" is not! Why do they have to be stuck together like they are? Whatever, I have two other new albums that I haven't gotten around to listening to yet, and I really want to, I have a really good feeling about them, but I'm afraid Coldplay has seniority, by the weird imaginary new music rules in my head.

3. Maybe watch the rest of disc two of Community's second season. Again, slow going, since the show's so awesome. Mmm, "Conspiracy Theories & Interior Design"...

And now my mom and stepdad are coming up to visit grandparents and stuff and they're swinging in here in a few hours for a bit and then we're going to dinner, so that's the rest of my day. Boy, hope I get home in time to for Downton Abbey and Once Upon a Time (yeah, I got sucked in too).
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It's been aaages since I did a proper meme! What's wrong with me? I used to do those all the time! Anyway, taken most recently (and it was a close race) from [livejournal.com profile] c_quinn:

Type these words into your music library and name the first song that appears:


Quite the spectrum under here... )
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Wind √, rain √, power outage X, so a win all around. Some family and friends have been dealing with power outages but there's been no lose of life or property, so good news there too.

Moving on (unless/until Katia gets here...)! Indulged in some fun-time spending this week, to complement both getting paid and paying my rent, clearly. I've got:

1. Bossypants by Tina Fey, the audiobook. I'd resisted getting the hardback, but when I found out this was actually read by the lady in question, I figured it had to be a good time.
2. I'm With You by Red Hot Chili Peppers. I'm a little wary here- I listened to all of the samples on iTunes, and there were only like four or five tracks that seriously intrigued me, hm...
3. The Last Werewolf by Glen Duncan. It was staring straight at me when I walked into B&N, 20%-off sticker gleaming in the light... I've decided Jake (the werewolf, and do you think Mister Duncan was aware that that name was, uh.. taken? I hope not) will be played by Tim Roth in my head. So that should be fun. Also, FYI, the edges of the pages are dyed this kind of amazing ox-blood red.
4. Green tea with coconut, ginger, and vanilla. I had resisted it on a previous B&N trip, but I'm in need of an interesting new tea, so here we are.

In conclusion, I keep having long fic ideas that would require serious research to be at all decent. Boo. Maybe I should just develop that silly Cyrano de Bergerac-style romance thing. That could be fun. There would be pining, oh yes. But.. hrm... that's not what's tugging at me, you know? *sigh*

P.S. I've been reading through the Middleman Collected Series Indispensability lately. Remind me to do a compare and contrast with the show when I'm done, yeah?
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Got deeply bored at work today. So I accidentally drew Cthulu. )

Meanwhile, I wanted to try this out- remember that Fandom-as-an-Ex meme from aaaages ago? I am going to attempt it again, but this time, with music. Let's see how this works...

Things I Learned: this meme is kind of awkward when you're potentially referring to actual people, as opposed to fandoms, even when you're really just talking about their work. )

Lastly, I have received and listened to The Real Tuesday Weld's new album. Still collecting my thoughts on it, I need to give it a few more tries before I have a solid opinion. I can say that there are a couple tracks I'm 90% sure I can do without, as well as a couple tracks I'm 100% sure I can't do without.

ETA: I wish I knew how to quit you, Netflix. No, really, I wish I did. Slapping us all with a huge price increase for the same damn service is a straight-up no-frills dick move. *sigh* ... *trudges off to watch Let Me In on Instant*
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Here's a fun thing that happens at work sometimes. We recently updated all our computers to Window's latest regeneration, and it's got all kinds of bells and whistles on it, among them being the noises it can make when you, say, get a new e-mail. Now, someone in my office, I'm not sure who, has chosen a certain.. suite of sounds, and when she (there's only ladies within hearing distance of my desk) does something, I'm not sure what, her computer makes a certain sound. I may not consciously register that sound when it happens, but eventually, I'll notice there's a song stuck in my head. A very specific song. A song I really like an awful lot. Yes, "City of Blinding Lights" by U2 was my jam for like five months back in high school. So it's really nice to just be minding my own business, doing something boring (a.k.a. working), and suddenly realize one of my most favorite songs is playing in my head.

more thoughts on that subject, cut for a vid your browser probably doesn't feel like dealing with )

So that's fun. What's not fun is the fact that several members of my government are trying to deny access for me and other American women to everything from birth control to cancer screenings to the right to choose a safe, legal abortion, should any of us need any of those things. Does that seem a little ridiculous to you? If so, you might want to go here and join the photo petition like I did. It's neat- I printed out the little sign they ask you to hold (you can also make your own). I made a little art project out of it, because that's a very good way to get me to focus intently on something for a very long time. Here's what I came up with:

cut for a biiig pic )
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Man, there is some kind of freaky snow/rain/ice thing going on outside right now and I am not happy about it. Stop. Seriously, stop it this instant.

Moving on, birthday season's gone all right. All told I've had three parties with three songs and three cakes (well, two strawberry shortcakes and a French silk pie). That's one party at the office, one at my dad's house, and one at my uncle's house (that last to celebrate my birthday, my grandfather's birthday, and my sister's birthday). My best present has been the big KitchenAid mixer my mom and stepdad got me. I've been wanting to make my chocolate-chip cookies (it's kind of how I christen new kitchens), but really lacked the equipment. Now I've got this magnificent bastard- the box says it's got "unique planetary mixing action." I have no idea what that means but it sounds awesome.

Otherwise, I've gotten some fun stuff for myself:
1. Rare Bird Alert by Steve Martin (yeah, that Steve Martin) & the Steep Canyon Rangers. Really cool bluegrass album with fabulous violins, banjoes (banjos?), bass, and harmonies. Here, have Women Like to Slow Dance, it's fun on a bun.
2. Unfamiliar Fishes by Sarah Vowell. I've wanted to check out one of her books for a while now, seems like she has that same wry voice and taste for the absurd that Mary Roach has which I love and really demand from my nonfiction books.
3. MST3K Volume XX. The special twentieth anniversary collection- Amazon's got it nicely discounted, so I figured what the heck. It should arrive in a couple of days. :D

I'm really dying to go see Paul sometime this weekend, however my mom, sister, and baby nephew will be dropping in on Saturday and staying until my sister and nephew's flight on Sunday. Yeah, ten-month-old baby crawling around my apartment for at least a twenty-four hour period. That's gonna go great.

And now, I can either watch The Daily Show, The Rachel Maddow Show, and/or Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil (thanks, [livejournal.com profile] zombres, I think this link'll work!), or I can write. Place your bets now.
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Dangit. For Christmas I got some free passes for movies and I lost the little envelope they were in. This is extra annoying because I really want to see The King's Speech again, and I also found out The Way Back is coming out this weekend and I've been waiting ages for that. It's by the same guy who did Master and Commander, which is definitely in my top fifteen movies if not ten. And here we've got Jim Sturgess, Colin Farrell, Ed Harris, and some other guys as escaped gulag prisoners walking the four thousand miles from Siberia to India. I'm expecting amazing cinematography and good to decent acting (possibly some slashiness if I'm lucky). It amuses me that I only found out it was going to be released this weekend because I was browsing the "For Him" section of MSN's homepage. Well, the "For Her" section seems to be 90% articles about weight loss, so whatev'.

Speaking of browsing, it's been a really slow week at work- my boss has been gone since Tuesday, and once payroll is done by Wednesday afternoon, I really have nothing to do unless someone gives me something. So, I keep finding myself on Google News, mostly because it seems biased in ways I'm more comfortable with (like if I see more articles about Apple because they give Google money- okay, fine). Anyway, I'd say I'm better informed about today's current events than I've been my whole life. Did you hear about the girl who found out she was kidnapped as a newborn and has recently tracked down her real family? You just see if they don't make a Lifetime movie about that in the next three months. I also go to [livejournal.com profile] ontd_political sometimes, when I feel like losing a little more faith in humanity.

Anyway, I really should be working on the 6DoS meme responses, but I've kinda hit a wall. I wrote the first part of one, and it's fine, but I'm really not sure how to proceed. [livejournal.com profile] visiblemarket, please name a fandom, preferably one that's set in the present.

In conclusion, I can't stop listening to these three songs over and over. I have this playlist that's all tracks where I only have up to maybe four songs by each artist. It's where I keep "Heart It Races" by Architecture in Helsinki and "At Last" by Etta James and "Once in a Lifetime," "Road to Nowhere," and "Burning Down the House" by Talking Heads, among many others. Kind of a catch-all for songs that I've snagged along the way that don't belong to an album (or at least not an album I own). So, anyway, I like to put it on Shuffle and just visit with the songs, but I can't seem to get past these three. Every time I run through them, I find the only thing I want to listen to is them again, in this order:

This is getting kind of lengthy, so cut time! )

ETA: I'm caving. I'm going to start really trying to watch Community and 30 Rock. Whyyy do they have to be two hours apart on the schedule? Argh.
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The King's Speech is reeeally super good. Quite possibly the best film I've seen in theaters since Inception. It was almost like a sports movie, at times, in how Bertie is such an underdog and you root for him so hard and it's this physical challenge he has to overcome and you've got Lionel as his coach figure. I must admit during his speeches I was so invested I would catch myself thinking, Oh, come on, sweetheart, you can do it, even shutting my eyes once or twice like I could help him myself through will alone. And then there's lines like the above, which were so funny and just made Bertie that much more lovable. So basically, awesome job, Colin Firth.

I dunno, it's weird, but I really like films about royalty. I find the dynamics of their place in their culture fascinating, especially around and after the Industrial Revolution. Maybe it's because I'm American, so kings and queens and princes and princesses are really confined to fantasy, but these are real people, so there's an element to them that's kind of.. magical? Ancient, definitely, in a living, breathing way nothing in America can touch. I know that's really embracing the romance of it and not the obvious dark side, but still, it's just cool. But thinking of that dark side, I remember the line in The Queen about Elizabeth II watching "this job kill her father" and aww, Bertie *tear*. Never expected to have deep personal feelings for King George VI, but there you go.

The song that came on on the way home didn't help. It's Stupid Memory by Sondre Lerche and it's A) completely lovely and B) about Bertie, more or less. I mean, "And helplessness may be the word they pin to my name"? "In each crowded court there's a spot where I fall in love and short of public demand. There are no words they can't hear"? Yeah.

Also, I'm taking part in [livejournal.com profile] qldfloodauction and [livejournal.com profile] helpbrazil2011. Here's where you can bid for a fic/mix/icons:


Jan. 11th, 2011 07:22 pm
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Because I enjoy that kind of thing! Really, it was bad with my old car because I would get kind of distracted waiting for neat-looking numbers to come up on my odometer. Especially combinations of 2, 5, 6, and 9, because they're kind of mirror-y, see? Sure you do. I still remember the day it hit 012345, I was just arriving at a sushi place in Dover, Delaware with some friends. I might have called my brother to inform him of that momentous occasion. I can tell you what road I was on when it hit 1011, which is the number for a favorite radio station of mine back when I listened to the radio. I'm better about it now, the last cool number I spotted was 8888. I'm in the 9000s now, and haven't really remembered to look for a 2, 5, and 6 in any combination yet.

Anyway... well, that's about it, really. I watched all of Tin Man yesterday, mostly because it's going to fall off Instant soon. Meh, Alice is way better. Also, Zooey Deschanel, I really want to like you, you are very adorable to look at, but your acting... just... not so much.

Also, check out this nifty Doctor Who fan-made mash-up poster )

In conclusion, I feel like reviving a meme, so here goes:
Give me no less than two and no more than four characters from any of my fandoms, and I will write you up to six ficlets connecting them to each other somehow. (e.g.: 'Six Degrees of Separation from Walter Kovacs to Manservant Neville', 'Three Ways Kaylee Frye Doesn't Know She Knows Neal Caffrey', or 'From Ted Crisp to Claude Rains in Five Steps or Less'.) Obvious or not, your choice. Crossovers or not, your choice.

Now I need to go make dinner and listen to CAKE's new album Showroom of Compassion. I think both are going to be pretty good. Oh dang, I forgot to document on here my first ever completely home-cooked meal on my stove in my apartment. Oh well, it was chili, and it was awesome. Lasted me five days.
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Ooooh. The Voluntary Butler Scheme. At Breakfast Dinner Tea. Buy it now, thank me later. Actually, that Amazon page doesn't seem to have the MP3 version, but iTunes does, though I can't seem to find an online page for it. Stupid Apple. Anyway, it's awesome- I heard Multiplayer on that one Dell commercial a couple times and knew I had to check it out. It's got Death Cab for Cutie's dorkiness and The Rumble Strips' cheery disposition, with a little Architecture in Helsinki, CAKE, U2, and Coldplay coming through in places. Horns and pianos and guitars all in turns goofy and elegant. Electronic riffs and beats that came straight off the Scott Pilgrim vs. the World soundtrack (not really, but they totally sound like they could). And even a Plaude song if you turn your head and squint. Definitely one of those albums where you reach the end and it barely even occurs to you to maybe listen to anything else before you've already started it again.

Also, watched the latest Harry Potter movie last night. I liked it all right, you could definitely feel the growing tension and fear and the "jeez, these poor kids, what a horrible situation they have to deal with glad it's not me." Though, actually... this is barely a spoiler, but you know how people can be )

So, I'm giving the American Top Gear another go tonight. I wasn't blown away last week, but I'm willing to see what else they've got to impress me. That said, if they don't do the "Some say" Stig Facts, I walk.

ETA: *sigh* No Stig Facts. Denied. And I can't justify staying up late on a Sunday night, sitting through History Channel's interminable commercials for the rest. Man, and I was actually enjoying the episode too. Call me if they ever wise up, I guess.
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the questions )

Day 30 - A song from your childhood )

Ah, okay then, I.. am going to shut up for a month.
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the questions )

Day 28 - A song that gives you shivers )

The shepherd's pie went pretty well, it's maybe a little bland, but entirely edible. The picture I took came out fairly crappy though, so, just in case anyone really wanted to take a look at it, sorry. The shopping went poorly, in that while I found stuff that would work, I'm going to have to take most of it back tomorrow. Oh well, I've got an outfit pretty much hammered out, and that's the important thing.
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the questions )

Day 27 - A song you've listened to after a break-up )

As for my weekend, my cousin's getting married in a week so I'll be running around getting a haircut and putting an outfit together (my aunt's letting me borrow a nice dark brown dress, so I'm aiming for shoes that match and.. I dunno, a shawl of some type, I guess). I also think I might attempt shepherd's pie tomorrow evening. My boss has a recipe she swears by using ground lamb seasoned with sage, thyme, and.. something else. Crap. Well, definitely not crap, but, dang what was that third thing? Anyway, for now it's Ladyhawke on the Instant Play and Fringe on Hulu. Mmm, Friday. ^^
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Splurged a bit at Barnes & Noble today when I had some time to kill between my physical and lunch (I decided to celebrate my clean bill of health with some McDonalds- it was either that or Chinese). I snagged the last of Terry Pratchett's I Shall Wear Midnight on the shelf, and also picked up Stiff, the last Mary Roach book I didn't already own. Also also, it caught my eye and I couldn't resist )

You know what I learned in my physical? Drinking soda decreases bone density, at least for women of my background. That's great. Now every time I take a sip of Coke or whatever I can think about my bones melting.

the questions )

Day 26 - A song that turns you on )
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*sigh* Naturally, my appointment for a physical with a new doctor falls on the day a tropical depression is set to dump about five inches of water on the mid-Atlantic region. Here's hoping it wears itself out overnight and the flood warnings stay just that.

the questions )

Day 25 - A song that makes you laugh )
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Mmm, I love chili. Easy to make, and always so tasty. And I remembered cheese this time! And beans. Bit by bit, my simple little chili is becoming more complex, like a new organic lifeform through the generations. Anyway, I hope anyone reading this also read and enjoyed the big ol' fic hanging out below. I don't usually post fics that big on my own journal- well, I don't usually write fics that big. I feel kind of awkward having it all there.

the questions )

Day 24 - A song that you want to play at your funeral )


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