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Got a big family weekend coming up (I typed "family movie" at first- there's something wrong with me; also, whoa! The font's different in the box.. where you type... the entry thing.), my sister's up from Florida and there's this big get-together Saturday for my maternal grandmother's eightieth birthday. We're going to a German restaurant, which I'm excited about because there's a rabbit dish on the menu I'd really like to try, /shameless carnivore. So, that's the good news. On the bad side, it looks pretty likely I'm going to miss the Doctor Who season finale I've been waiting to see for... how many months? When did this brutally long season start? My memory doesn't go back that far. Even if I do make it home before 9pm, my mom and my sister will be staying with me, and I'm cringing already at my mom's reaction to me saying I want to watch a TV show when I'm supposed to want to, I dunno, soul-bond with her and my sister.

However! More good news! I have finally received my very first gen-u-wine geeky T-shirt. I got it from redbubble, and it's pretty rad. And appropriate, considering the current tension between my fannish/familial duties!

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I had some leftover red bell pepper from my last cooking marathon, so I played mad chef a bit and cooked it up with diced onion, carrots, and chicken in olive oil, chucking in just for shits and giggles (more the latter than the former *crosses fingers*) oregano, garlic powder, some butter, and Lowry's salt (I pray at the altar of Lowry's salt, sprinkle it on a shoe and it'll taste good). I didn't measure anything, I just went for it. I mixed the whole mess in with egg noodles and the result is... well, still nothing that would've come out of my mom's kitchen, but not bad either! Honestly though, the idea of making a meal and just throwing in spices and stuff I liked and coming up with something tasty and interesting has always been kind of a dream of mine. I envy really good cooks the same way I do musicians.

Anyway, it was a long, frustrating, tiring day today, but it's almost over, I've got an episode of US Top Gear to check out whenever I feel like it, and tomorrow there is Rifftrax Live! Whooo! Jack the Giant Killer, which looks like someone trying to carry on the old Jason and the Argonauts style when that was still cutting-edge. It's really nice to have something special like Rifftrax Live right in the middle of the week, so rare that that happens. The day after I'm going to be enduring a seminar on payroll law... mostly for the brownie points and the possibility of going home early, but hey, especially considering what went down today, maybe I'll learn a thing or two. And then the day after that there's a comedy show sponsored by Planned Parenthood! Should be good times- I had no idea there was like an arts community maybe half an hour from my apartment. So, I've got a busy second half of a week, is what I'm saying.

Okay, I feel like US Top Gear now. Although, really, another "what's the toughest truck" challenge? Come on, guys. That other episode where you tested all of your first cars was great, I had never seen UK Top Gear do that! I don't need more friggin' trucks.
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Why are we paying attention to some weirdo Christian guy who already botched at least one doomsday prophecy? Oh well, I guess it's kinda funny. And gives me an excuse to celebrate this crazy, mixed-up, scary, lovely place by walking to the restaurant down the way and having a plate of beef stroganoff later. They do it awesome over there. Also, I can link to this neat sketch from an old MST episode. Love the flaming pipe- great practical effect there.

In other news, I'm pretty sure we've finished with spring now. Ten-day forecast is calling for 80+ degrees almost continuously, getting up near 90 at times. And that's about typical for Maryland- we had one nice week that was too pollen-choked to enjoy, then one crappy week of clouds and intermittent storms, and now it's summer.

Otherwise, it's time to decide to clean and/or cook. I've been thinking about attempting that chicken soup/pasta sauce/casserole marathon I've done a couple times with my mom. Not sure if I can accomplish it on my own... but it's hard to overestimate a freezer full of delicious meals. Maybe I'll just watch Dylan Moran's What It Is again. That guy is amazing.

ETA: No stroganoff. Denied! I even asked for it- they "took it off the menu." I told the waitress I came specifically for that, and she made a sympathetic noise. Oh well, had a burger instead. And a Mike's Hard Lemonade, which was pretty darn nice. And now I have yummy leftover fries to soak in the chili I made last week. Not a bad way to end a doomsday, don't you think?
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Man, there is some kind of freaky snow/rain/ice thing going on outside right now and I am not happy about it. Stop. Seriously, stop it this instant.

Moving on, birthday season's gone all right. All told I've had three parties with three songs and three cakes (well, two strawberry shortcakes and a French silk pie). That's one party at the office, one at my dad's house, and one at my uncle's house (that last to celebrate my birthday, my grandfather's birthday, and my sister's birthday). My best present has been the big KitchenAid mixer my mom and stepdad got me. I've been wanting to make my chocolate-chip cookies (it's kind of how I christen new kitchens), but really lacked the equipment. Now I've got this magnificent bastard- the box says it's got "unique planetary mixing action." I have no idea what that means but it sounds awesome.

Otherwise, I've gotten some fun stuff for myself:
1. Rare Bird Alert by Steve Martin (yeah, that Steve Martin) & the Steep Canyon Rangers. Really cool bluegrass album with fabulous violins, banjoes (banjos?), bass, and harmonies. Here, have Women Like to Slow Dance, it's fun on a bun.
2. Unfamiliar Fishes by Sarah Vowell. I've wanted to check out one of her books for a while now, seems like she has that same wry voice and taste for the absurd that Mary Roach has which I love and really demand from my nonfiction books.
3. MST3K Volume XX. The special twentieth anniversary collection- Amazon's got it nicely discounted, so I figured what the heck. It should arrive in a couple of days. :D

I'm really dying to go see Paul sometime this weekend, however my mom, sister, and baby nephew will be dropping in on Saturday and staying until my sister and nephew's flight on Sunday. Yeah, ten-month-old baby crawling around my apartment for at least a twenty-four hour period. That's gonna go great.

And now, I can either watch The Daily Show, The Rachel Maddow Show, and/or Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil (thanks, [livejournal.com profile] zombres, I think this link'll work!), or I can write. Place your bets now.
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Well, [livejournal.com profile] visiblemarket, I'm afraid I'm going to have to cheat on my unwritten advent calendar rules and start your offering today. I just wasn't expecting to come up with such an awesome and undoubtedly multi-chapter idea, and it was really kind of nuts to think I could write it all during the run-up to Christmas. But! In any case, the research is done, at least, notes written, Ghosts decided. It's gonna be great.

Anyway, I finally got my books on the shelf, so how about some new apartment pics?

Please ignore the sun going supernova in a couple of them. It does that sometimes. Also, fair warning, these pictures are huge- be prepared. )

Also, something fun from [livejournal.com profile] fannish5: Name five fictional families that you would like to spend time with.

Only two characters on this list are biologically related. But then, found families are the best. )

So, Christmas. Got a couple more gift cards and a regular card to run out and grab before I head out to my dad's at 3:30 or so- I can probably get them from the grocery store, so I'm not in a big rush. Then tomorrow it's my mom's side of the family in the evening. Here's hoping that bad weather doesn't make things too difficult.
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Wow, I managed not to do a meme for over a month! Not that I was really trying not to- quite the opposite, actually, but still! Sometimes I get annoyed with myself, like I don't have anything to talk about, all I want to do is play silly lj games. But can I help it when they're so fun and interesting so often? No.

Anyway! From, most recently, [livejournal.com profile] visiblemarket:

1.) Comment to this and I will give you 3 fictional characters.
2.) Decide of the 3 whom you would marry, do, and dump cliff.
3.) Post this meme to your journal with your answers.


Two for the price of one! I did this whole meme once a while ago, but it accidentally got deleted, so I half-way did it again later, but, well, it's really one of those memes that demand... I dunno, immediacy. It gets stale if you leave it alone and then you have to start all over. Anyway, for the third and final time, here's this, stolen aaages ago from [livejournal.com profile] hermione_vader:

1. Write down 20 of your favorite OTPs
2. Put your media player on shuffle. The number of the song corresponds to the number of the OTPs.
3. Quote a part of the song that you think has any similarity with the story of the couple.
4. Comment.

Some of them were so far off I had to try again. Some were so spot-on it was scary. )
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Hee, isn't it great when you stumble across something really funny that you had forgotten about? That way you get the baseline pleasure of the funny thing itself, plus the reflected pleasure of memory. What I'm saying is I'm glad I picked up Unseen Academicals from the library for a re-read. I'm on a bit of a Discworld binge, actually- started with I Shall Wear Midnight (finished it with a great big smile on my face, hard to argue with that), now Unseen Academicals, and I think I might go for Small Gods next, I've been meaning to re-read that for ages. I'd like to read some of the earlier wizard books as well, like Equal Rites and Sourcery.

Anyway, I'm heading off work early today to try to cram in getting my car serviced and then going to a Rifftrax live event (House on Haunted Hill) that I had no idea was coming on tonight until I discovered it on Facebook today (during the, oh, monthly visit I make there). I swear, so much of my life is happy coincidence I'm practically a Bronte/Gaskell heroine. I should go find a strange city and/or wild moor to wander on until I pass out, that way I could find my long-lost relatives and/or one true love, or possibly a large fortune I just so happen to be the sole heir to. And since I'm headed to Denver next week for a small vacation with friends, the strange city/rugged environment need will be met! See?

So, yeah, that's the news with me. Otherwise, cannot wait for an awesome Halloween weekend with [livejournal.com profile] visiblemarket and [livejournal.com profile] englishmuffin2! XD
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I've been doing a lot of research on local companies recently, and that has involved going through a list of all the companies on CareerBuilder (argh). So far, I've come across some really interesting ones:

1. GenCorp- "I leave for ten minutes and Evil Co. is in shambles!" Actually, I'm not sure if I should be surprised or not that there's a company called the same thing as the antagonistic corporation from Time Chasers.
2. Alpha & Omega Publishing- Somehow the fact that it would be a Christian publishing company run by two crazy composite Actives makes it even better.
3. ASCAP- "We're agents Boetticher and Kennedy from American Shrimp and Crab Amalgamated Processors. Law enforcement branch." You know, I always thought MM saying they don't use the acronym for copyright reasons was a joke because ASCAP sounds like "ass cap," but it turns out ASCAP also stands for the American Society of Composers, Authors, & Publishers, sooo...

ETA: Lost tonight! Oh boy! [livejournal.com profile] fadeintodawn, [livejournal.com profile] gelatinous_goat, I know it won't be the same as when we were all hanging out in the common room, but if you guys happen to be on the computer tonight and want to watch it with me, I think we could do a great pseudo discussion post.
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Hey, folks, what's up? Not too much for me- I'm overbooked on memes and fic, busy at work- but I've seen some cool things since my last post- or rather, [livejournal.com profile] zombres has shown me some cool things, and I feel like sharing.

Check this out. The climax of the radio play War of the Worlds done in typography:

How cool is that? ... Okay, maybe not that cool, but I like it. Here are other movie moments done in typography, if you're interested. Iron Man and V for Vendetta are a couple other pretty great ones.

Also, normally I prefer not to speculate on the early/private lives of famous people, but a lot of these photos are really worth taking a look at. They're pretty remarkable, if only for a few in a "Wow, I had no idea those two/more people ever existed in the same place long enough to have their picture taken" kind of way.

Okay, I better get at least one of the memes I've signed up for out of the way:

Icon meme RULES:
1. Reply to this post, and I will pick five of your icons.
2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will create a never-ending cycle of icon squee. Whoo!

I've been thinking of overhauling my icons, but I know I'd just miss the ones I have too much )
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Ahh, well. Halloween turned out much more interesting than I thought it would be. Ended up going to see Amelia with [livejournal.com profile] visiblemarket. The movie.. really was not what it could've been. It was very pretty to look at, but also riddled with what a friend of mine would call "emotional plotholes," and TBH the basic story-telling was just not.. coherent, almost at all. As Tom Servo said of Terror from the Year 5000 (and Amelia bearing any similarity to something from MST3K's canon is pretty telling in itself), "All these random scenes simply abutt each other to form a movie." Then there was the fact that every time Amelia spoke more than two sentences at once it sounded like Hillary Swank's Oscar Clip, and that's not even going into how painfully forced and saccharine the dialogue was in way too many places. And CE's American accent made me cringe just about as much as I thought it would, my goodness. All in all, really not worth the $10.75 I had to shell out to see it.

Aaanyway, after that mild unpleasantness, we bopped around Georgetown for a while, which was fun. At this one place we spotted Rorschach chatting up a devil woman at the bar, and Silk Spectre II mingling with the crowd nearby. Good times. I had my first Malibu Pineapple in the States, and it's just as delicious and just as expensive as I remember. I think only one person verbally recognized my costume, but a few folks were sure curious to find out about it. I was hoping to have pictures to share, but unfortunately I don't. For the record, I was a member of Team Zissou from The Life Aquatic. A red sock cap, my light blue Team Zissou tank top, and a pair of light blue scrubs pants- another readymade costume to go with my Mad Scientist from last year.

And then I lost my car keys. Not so fun. Had a small adventure failing to find them, and then calling AAA and having a locksmith open my car door. Looks like I'll be relying on my valet key for a while. I need to buy a new set and my mom also wants me to pay to replace the locks on our house since my house key was on the ring with the car keys. That's fair, but I think I'm going to hold off on all of it until I get a couple of paychecks. I already dropped quite a bit of money on movie tickets, dinner, and books yesterday (a cook book for my dad, And Another Thing for me- H2G2 re-read, ahoy!), and there's still the NYC trip to think about. And some bills that need taking care of too. Woof.

Otherwise, I've got dusting and vaccuuming to do and submissions to read. I also have Psycho Beach Party and Night of the Living Dead to watch and fic to write. And I have too few hours left before it's time to go out for my dad's birthday. And after that, it's another week of work! Sheesh.
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1. Had an interview at this one place that.. was actually less of an interview and more like a skills test. I talked to the boss lady for a little while, and then she gave me a flyer about this event that will be happening soon and told me to write a thirty-second radio spot for it, make a brochure, and write a letter to distributors of said brochure. I think it went pretty well. It was fun to write a commercial again, took me straight back to my internship days. And I discovered my cell phone has a stopwatch function- neat! (ETA: Got a call back and it looks like I'll get a second interview that I have to schedule tomorrow. So, yay!)

2. I finally got my copy of Unseen Academicals! I scampered down to the store yesterday morning, but for whatever reason their shipment of the books hadn't come in yet. Luckily, the guy I was talking to (who surprisingly enough was a neighbor of mine I haven't seen or spoken to in years but used to be friends with as a little kid) put me on an email notification list and reserved a copy. It actually worked out nicely, because my route back from the interview place goes right by the store, so I just had to swing in and pick it up on my way home. And now it's here, in my hands, and I'm trying desperately not to idly flip through it and spoil myself as I've been so good about not doing so far.

3. My copy of the new Real Tuesday Weld album The End of the World came waaaay earlier than I expected it to! I would recommend that... uh, well, [livejournal.com profile] visiblemarket, since she's the only other person I know who listens to The Real Tuesday Weld... I would recommend she buy the actual CD, not the digital version. There's this awesome little snatch of prose written on the jacket that holds the disc. Very weird and cool. And in any case, my copy cost less than five dollars and I only had to wait four days for it, and I can listen to it while driving even when the GPS is plugged in, so overall, I'm a crafty consumer, yes I am.

4. New Mythbusters tonight! Oh boy oh boy oh boy! Is it just me or does it seem like new episodes just cut out really unexpectedly and leave us with reruns for untold amounts of time? Can they really be that hard up for myths to bust that they have to cut each season short? Hmm...

Evidence that the next few days will be pretty good too:

5. I'll be hitting the Rifftrax live event encore tomorrow night, and this time I'll have company! It's gonna be great, [livejournal.com profile] visiblemarket, I promise. When do you want to meet? Do you want to try our luck at the food court again beforehand?

6. Last night I discovered an honest-to-goodness cornucopia of fabulous old movies on YouTube. At the time, I was looking for films Cary Grant was in, and came up with Holiday (him and Katharine Hepburn), She Done Him Wrong (him and Mae West- his break-out performance), Bringing Up Baby, His Girl Friday, and The Philadelphia Story. I also spotted It Happened One Night (Clark Gable at his snarky best), A Song is Born (Danny Kaye being adorkable, plus superb old-timey music), and Shop Around the Corner (Jimmy Stewart also being quite cute). Fantastic stuff.

7. One of my most favorite plays, Much Ado About Nothing, is the Renaissance Festival's chosen performance for Shakespeare Weekend. I don't have any definite plans for going yet, sooo.. any takers?
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1. No, self, you will not watch NCIS: Los Angeles sheerly for the slashiness of Chris O'Donnell and LL Cool J's characters. It is considerable, though, I must say. There's been winking.

2. Yesterday I shook hands with a Pulitzer prize winning author. He was super nice, even though my friends and I were probably about the four hundredth-odd group in line at the National Book Festival. The only reason I didn't get an autograph was because I didn't own his book at the time. I do now, and will hopefully get around to reading it soon.

3. Which will have to wait, because a new Discworld book is coming out on the sixth OMG yay. The Unseen Academicals is going to be great, I can just tell. Discworld tackles football (pun intended, though, yes, I'm aware, that's not the football we're talking about), how can it be anything but great?

4. Speaking of awesome things coming up in early October, on the eighth there'll be an encore performance of the Rifftrax live event from August. I'm only going again if I can get someone to come with, sooo any takers should let me know. I speak from experience now, it's a dang good time.
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Ah, I've been in the mood for a meme, especially one that'll get that bit of f-locked unpleasantness off my front page. Taken from [livejournal.com profile] corellianjedi:

Day one: a song
Day two: a picture
Day three: a book/ebook/fanfic
Day four: a site
Day five: a youtube clip
Day six: a quote
Day seven: whatever tickles your fancy

Okay, I almost included this on the "Seven Songs You're Currently Loving" meme- actually, heh, I made it my Current Music over on that entry. Well, here it is. It's also from the Wendy/Tyler mix Lovenado: "Zombie Pirates in Love" by Tom Smith.

IIRC, it was included in the mix not because it has anything in particular to do with Wendy and Tyler's relationship, it just seems like a song they'd like. And I definitely agree. Favorite line: "So let's hear all the cannons roar and let's all celebrate! / Raise the Jolly Roger Corman, I've acquired a mate!" *snerk*

Up next, a picture! Rather appropriate, in fact, as I'll be visiting the National Gallery of Art tomorrow.
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Less than an hour until Rifftrax Live! So excited, so excited, so excited, so excited. I've only seen two whole Rifftrax commentaries myself- Attack of the Clones and Transformers (the ONLY reason I would ever watch either of those movies). They were all right, didn't really blow me away. The "best of the superhero movies" YouTube vids [livejournal.com profile] hermione_vader posted were better- maybe they came later, when the guys had really found their rhythm? Aaanyway, I fully expect to laugh me ass off tonight. If nothing else, watching any funny film/show/whatever with a roomful of people laughing along makes whatever you're watching ten times funnier. Seriously, I've noticed, when I've tried indoctrinating friends with MST3K. I'm especially thrilled to know Mike, Kevin, and Bill will be singing a song. I listened to both volumes of Clowns in the Sky on the way to and from work today, so my head is stuffed to bursting with MST3K tunes. This will also be my first ever viewing of Plan 9 From Outer Space. I know it's been riffed before, but I never bothered to check it out. Clearly, I wasn't supposed to until now. Nice how that works out.

So, final count on my one-episode-a-night MST marathon (I never mentioned that I really don't like watching more than one episode at a time- the movies are just too bad for me to handle in the true marathon format.):
The Touch of Satan
The Screaming Skull
The Space Children (unintended, additional Peggy Webber marathon FTW)
Devil Fish
The Sword and the Dragon

All total classics, will watch again. But first... Rifftrax live!
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Well, work tomorrow. Ohhh boy. I made a batch of cookies today- I'm thinking if I bring some in during the week it might buff up my dingy first impression. I do make some pretty dang good cookies. They may not be fancy, but they're soft where they should be soft and crisp where they should be crisp and there's cinammon and milk chocolate chips in them, not that semi-sweet garbage. And I've never burned a single one. I've burned myself, but not one cookie.

In other news, I think I'm going to get the Middleman/Better Off Ted crossover done before I focus on the Shrek!Plaude. The former won't be nearly as long and involved, and there are still some plot issues that need working out with the latter. Plus, I came up with the best covername for Wendy ever. Although, I'm minorly terrified of trying to write dialogue for.. pretty much everyone. Both shows have excellent writers that come up with some seriously clever, funny stuff. Ah well, maybe I'll get lucky.

In the meantime, I think, until the Rifftrax live event on Thursday, I'm going to have an unofficial MST3K marathon (BTW, if I ever get to ask Javier Grillo-Marxuach, creator of The Middleman, anything, it'll be if O2STK is a reference to MST3K. It has to be, right?). I'll watch an episode a night, which might also have the bonus effect of cheering me up for work. Last night I watched The Touch of Satan ("Did a plucked turkey in a wig just talk to me?"). Tonight... I'm thinking The Screaming Skull ("You know, the Gospel speaks of losers like you.").
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Rifftrax Live: Plan 9 from Outer Space!
It will be seen. This is a thing that will happen. Anybody wanna come along? I know the overlap between my MSTie (from which Rifftrax has its origins), online, and local friends is small, but still, and if any of the as yet uninitiated are curious...

And now that the exchange fic is well and truly done (not well, but done), I can turn my attention to other things. To that end, it's almost suspiciously convenient that I stumbled upon this meme:

The "You Should Write..." Meme!
my thread here

a. One of the Watchmen ideas I've been toying with. All one-shots, except for something on the kink meme that I'll probably chicken out of writing anyway. It's just too awesome an idea for a n00b like me to tackle.
b. The Middleman/Better Off Ted crossover in which MM and Wendy visit Veridian to make sure they're not getting up to any too much mischief.
c. The fic that will be, ah, Plaude to the tune of Shrek. Multi-chapter, completely AU, hopefully amusing if on the black comedy side of things. Yeah, I wasn't kidding, [livejournal.com profile] c_quinn. I really want to write it.
d. Finishing that damn [livejournal.com profile] heroes15 table. Two more words, dangit, two!
e. Something else, to be specified on the thread.


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