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Hey, you know what's cool? When you're flying over an ocean during the day, and it kind of looks like there's just sky both above and below you. More so for the sky under the plane, even, because that has clouds, while the sky above is just blue.

Anyway, home now, and all the things I put off because I was Going Abroad have pounced right on top of me, as expected. Luckily I've managed to fend them off for a little while longer. The holidays went all right, gift-wise anyway. Thank goodness for Amazon Wishlists- I'm now swimming in DVDs, books, and such that I actually wanted. I still can't get over the fact that Hot Fuzz has three whole discs to its credit. Plus commentary with Quentin Tarantino. Speaking of whom, I just watched his film Death Proof (along with the other Grindhouse film, Planet Terror). Pretty good- however, the soundtrack is even better.
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Today I make my second assault on the British railway system in hopes of eventually getting to Granada, Spain. Wish me luck, internet people.
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Stuff I would have written during my long weekend in London if I'd had more access to a computer:

Day One:
Consider my day in terms of the food I ate, I think that sums it up pretty well.
Breakfast- an Aspen bar on the bus
Lunch 1- tuna and sweetcorn sub with water and a few bites of a chocolate bar on the train
Lunch 2- half of a 10" pepperoni pizza at a little Italian restaurant (yeah, two lunches- what?)
Dinner- venison on a bed of red cabbage with mushrooms and potatoes plus a bit of lamb and a lovely apple crumble to top it off in one of the fanciest restaurants I've ever set foot in

Day Three:
Dear Westminster Abbey,
I'm sure you were thrilled to have Jeremy Irons do your audio guide. You should've been- he's an excellent actor, and I'm sure he's a terrific guy. However, having audible sex piped directly into your ear, even when the topic is famous dead people and/or pretty ceilings, is distracting. Just so you know. Cheers.

Day Four:
It's a lot easier on the ego to walk around Harrod's with the same mind-set that you walk around with in a museum. Hunh, isn't that pretty. I will never ever own that.

Okay, enough pretending to be clever. London was amazing- I'd love to go back when it's warm. I was there with my mom, who is a master at packing as much activity into every day as is physically possible. The three full days we were there, we left the hotel bright and early every morning and never got back before dark. First full day (Day 2, for anyone keeping track), we were on a bus tour that hit the Windsor Palace, Stonehenge, and Bath, in that order. Crazy, but very neat, the tour guide sounded a bit like Bill Nighy- good times. Second day was filled with Westminster Abbey (*inappropriately fond smile*), the Tower of London, and the Globe. If and when I do get back to London, my main goal is to see a play at the Globe- tickets are refreshingly cheap, and it just seems like an awesome experience. Last day was running around the Natural History Museum, the British Museum, and Harrod's. I did manage to buy something from Harrod's because, really, how can you not? I got a Christmas ornament and some chocolate. Mmhm, big spender, me, you better believe it.

Better push off. Tomorrow is going to suck big time, I'm writing a 2500 word paper that's due on Wednesday and all I have right now to assist me is a very fragile outline. Well wishes would be greatly appreciated.
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There was a jackhammer outside my house about a half hour ago. A goddamned jackhammer. No more sleep for me, I suppose. If only I'd known.... I still would've been out til past 3am last night, cuz that was fun. Man, I'm going to be so bored when I get home. The closest thing to a club we have at my school that isn't over an hour's drive away is either the Blue Bird Tavern (this skanky bar on the edge of campus) or somebody's dorm room until Public Safety swings by.

Although, about the clubs I've gone to so far.. either their clientele consists of more homosexual guys than I think it does, or they just like dancing with only each other that much. Seriously, there's all these groups of guys dancing with each other, but hardly ever does just one of them make the leap to try to dance with the actual, living girl making eyes at them from a foot away. Maybe it's a British thing, because my French neighbor had no problems feeling up my ass for a portion of the evening. Not that I'm complaining, he was the best dance partner I've had since that very nice Nigerian fellow way back in September who kept his hands to himself.

Anyway, Halloween at the student club ought to be pretty fun, as long as they don't play the same tired out batch of songs they always do. I expect "The Monster Mash" every hour on the hour. "Thriller" and "Ghostbusters" as well. Hey, maybe I can even sneak in a request or two, if they're feeling generous. I'm still trying to get "I Believe in a Thing Called Love" played, because it's such an awesomely fun song and I would love to dance to it. Maybe I'd have better luck with Red Hot Chili Peppers' "Love Rollercoaster"- like the other songs I've mentioned, this one seems to have greatly increased popularity here in the UK. I'm trying to decide if I want to go for it and borrow my housemate's lab coat for a Mad Scientist costume, or just go with my original plans of popping on my RenFest horns (yes, that's what kind of nerd I am, in case you're wondering) and hiking up my skirt a ways. I'm most likely going for the horns, Mad Scientist can wait until I have a coat I can freely and judiciously splatter with gore of various colors and textures. Also, by next Halloween my hair should be long again, which makes possible all kinds of fun options.
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You have to marvel at the circuitous pathways of life when they do something as astounding as bringing me into contact with a ska-version of the James Bond theme.

In other news, my new book (All My Friends are Superheroes by Andrew Kaufman) smells of shepherd's pie.
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Also, could anyone explain to me why I keep hearing certain songs? And I don't mean every so often, I mean like at least a few times a week these songs crop up in places:

"Sweet Child of Mine" Guns n Roses
"9 to 5" Dolly Parton
"Sweet Dreams" The Eurythmics

I was exploring the ruins of an abbey in York when the plangent tones of "Sweet Child of Mine" filled the air, I kid you not. And I might have heard "9 to 5" once, maybe twice in my entire life before coming here. Now I practically have it memorized. When did these musicians get a second shot at the limelight in the UK? Or, more appropriately, why?
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My cultural contributions to the European community (so far):

Explaining where Maryland is. A lot. Why oh why couldn't I come from a bigger, more widely recognizable state? Anyway, I've got it down to a very simple sentence that can be said even when drunk: "East coast, right in the middle." That easy.

Additions to the vocabulary of my housemates (I'm sure they're very grateful):
"And they lived happily ever after"

Actually, I had to explain the word "coffins" to the guy sitting next to me in the library's computer lab, about half an hour ago, while I fervently did not wonder why he was perusing a Wikipedia article that contained the phrase "baby-sized coffins." Awkward.

There's a Scifi club on campus that is populated by every one of my high school friends, just with British accents. It's actually quite eerie, but I've finally managed to watch Labyrinth, so I guess I'll get over it. It's good to have some people with whom to get my geek on. That's right, I said it.

So, all right, one month in, two to go. I'm a little torn between being glad I'm only staying one semester and wishing I was staying longer. I don't have much time to travel and sight-see, but I really miss a decent internet connection. I'm really enjoying meeting people, going to parties, etc.... but I really miss a decent internet connection. And, y'know, other home stuff, too. It kind of sucks checking my email from my college at home and seeing all the events they have planned and such that I can't attend. But then my housemates and I go out to the student club or some house party and dance and drink for a few hours and I quite forget being homesick.
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Characters: Peter, Claude
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 343
Disclaimer: For the last time, Heroes ain't mine! Quit asking.
Summary: Sylar, Peter's worst foe? Ha!
A/N: A bit of cathartic writing after my first morning in the "suite."

It ends only one way, Claude. )
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So I’ve fled the land of my birth and come to rest after a long, weary journey in a mildly spider-infested room in Hull, England. The only food in my “suite” is some beef and tomato (?) Pot Noodles I bought last night. Thank Molly’s Convenience Store toilet paper is no longer an issue. I need to contact my family, but it looks like the only way I can do that is to make use of an internet café around the corner, since I have no way of getting the Internet to work in my room, at least none I know of so far. I should write or something, do anything to distract me from searching the room for the now-septapod spider who got the drop on me (not literally) after my shower. I can’t wait for my new cool International friends to get here. Okay, things to do:

-contact family, most likely through email
-registration at 10 International Office (find location from Venn Reception)
-take campus tour at 12:30-16:30
-take trip to Kingswood Retail Park at 17-19:30


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