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Why can't I ever just have a dream where I can fly? Why does my brain have to build an explanation around it? Like, me (and my mom, wut?) being shot into orbit with two/three other astronauts, and now we're in 0-G, but I can't really enjoy it because I'm too worried about the hundred million kinds of violent, instantaneous death that could befall me at any moment. And we won't even go into my other dreams last night. AWESOME WORK, BRAIN. The next two days are going to involve seeing old friends and going cool places, and this is the thanks I get? Pfft.

Anyway, also, SOMETIMES I. GET. BORED. And I make things that become huge pictures. )
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Man, I've had the weirdest dreams the last couple of nights. The ones last night included rescuing a bunch of children kidnapped by Gaddafi. Yeah. But the even weirder one had me as the kidnapped person along with a bunch of other girls and boys. We'd been snatched by this witch that used mind control to keep us all pacified. That was super creepy, and I think we ended up melting her with acid. Also, she burned in sunlight.

Speaking of burning in sunlight, there were vampires in my dreams the night before! )

So yeah, haven't had quite such vivid/crazy dreams for a while. In other news, other Middleman fans [livejournal.com profile] visiblemarket, did you know that Wendy's zombie palate cleanser Zombies of Mora Tau is an actual movie? I did not! But I discovered it was airing at around 2:30am last night, and since I am luckily at my folks' house where there is DVR, I get to watch it! I have no idea what to expect beyond a notable lack of gore.
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Ah, yes, hello, I've been meaning to let folks know I survived my adventure in the wilds of Colorado. It was a bunch of fun, awesome to spend time with my college friends as well as visit a new place. The weather was stupidly beautiful pretty much the whole time. And I have pictures! That I actually took myself!

Yay iPhone! )

Anywho, I've been having strange dreams lately. In Colorado I dreamed about being kidnapped by the Army, about someone going back in time to convince Obama to open a bank instead of becoming president, and about a Doctor Who season finale with 11 and Amy and Rory. Now I'm home I've had a dream that featured all of the Daily Show senior correspondents (I don't remember what they were doing but I'm sure it was amusing), another one that started with Supernatural's Sam and Dean and ended with my own lesbian vampire wedding (I.. you got me on that one, seriously), and last night's where I had spinal surgery while conscious (though thankfully anesthetised) and someone got attacked by a very large bear.

Also, a new petition for the repeal of DADT. It breaks my heart to think of former soldiers out there on this Veterans Day who were discharged because of an unconstitutional and discriminatory law. Please take a minute to sign for them. Thanks.
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Hee, fandom-y dreams, start your morning off right!

Okay, so, clearly the pics [livejournal.com profile] visiblemarket linked last evening pretty thoroughly infected my brain, because I'm pretty sure I was Kate from White Collar in this dream. I dunno, I was certainly holding hands with a strangely scruffy Neal Caffrey enough. Also not really surprisingly, a CE character was with us. I didn't get a solid confirmation of what CE character, but I'm going to go with Claude. Claude was looking very scruffy as well, probably three-quarters of the way to his S1 look. Anyway, we three were conning our way into a fancy restaurant- well, Neal and Claude were, I seemed to be mostly along for the ride. I think Claude got in by impersonating some eccentric and world-famous professor, and Neal his prodigous assistant (who morphed into Joseph Gordon-Levitt for a brief instant- Neal the shapeshifter? That would explain some things). Anyway, we all sat down on one side of a table, and there was an older woman sitting on the other side, possibly played by Vanessa Redgrave (I've been catching the same five minutes of Mission Impossible on TV lately). I think she was hiring Neal and Claude to do some con- I wasn't really paying attention because the hand-holding was somewhat distracting, and also I was busy reading about the really expensive tea selection on the menu.

And then the dream morphed into Michael Weston from Burn Notice helping a family rob a bank and not having the best of luck with it, and I think the teenage daughter might have been played by the same girl who did Alex from Lost. Since I watched the season finale of Burn Notice last night, this part of the dream is also kind of annoyingly explicable. And then I was on a busy street and there were people dressed like the Stig- not everyone, just a few. I was delighted.

And now I'm off to work. But hey, the Renaissance Festival is gearing up this weekend! I think after this busy week I'd prefer to sit out the opening, but next weekend I'm totally there. Anyone want to come?
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Reeeaal quick, before I run off to work, I gotta tell you about this crazy fandom-y dream I had. It was like the first episode of Bones after this season finale, but with splashes of Eureka, Lost, and Firefly. I saw the last five minutes of the season finale, so I know that *slaps hand over mouth* mrf mrrrmmm mrf mfff mmrrm mf mm ). So in this dream, it was whatever dig Brennan was on in the jungle. But there was some kind of demon thing running around, and it caused this HUGE explosion that Brennan and Kaylee(?) got caught up in. Yeah, Kaylee was there because I think Simon was on the dig somehow. He'd run away from Serenity (and through time, what?), and she was trying to find him. They had a really adorable moment when she came back to consciousness, and said something about knowing he didn't get involved with anyone else- and then Simon starts yammering on about a guy in Copenhagen or somewhere (Stockholm?) who wanted Simon to live with him. That makes me somewhat proud, because that is EXACTLY what Simon would do in that situation.

Anyway, the jungle demon thing was able to change into different people, much like Lost's Smokey, though I don't think it had a smoke form, so it was also kind of like Buffy's First Evil. I remember it turned into Lost's Mr. Eko for a bit, and there was also a part near the end where Brennan and Booth were trying to kill the monster and it turned into Taggert from Eureka and started making fun of them for holding their guns wrong. Naturally, I woke up before the end, so I have no idea what happened.

Also, Fringe had a season finale. *slaps hand over mouth* mrf mrrrmmm mrf mfff mmrrm mf mm... )

Argh, and now I have to run to work *sigh*, but happy, happy birthday, [livejournal.com profile] visiblemarket! Have a wonderful one, and hopefully I can see my way to a proper present when I get home!
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Wow, it's been a while since I dreamed this blatantly of slash. Also, I'm slightly surprised at my mind for being so.. prosaic? Seriously, it was like a bad kink meme prompt: "two male characters wake up naked in bed together and don't know how/why they got that way." For me, it was Peter and Adam, and also maybe Peter and Isaac (oh, Peter, you bicycle, you). The funny thing is, Peter and Adam just kind of brushed it off. This happens often, guys? Probably. Anyway, the real main event was Mohinder and Matt. I don't know if they had the one night amnesia as well, but for some reason they were both sitting on the floor in my mom's kitchen (which should've really tipped me off, but whatever, dream logic), and Mohinder said something along the lines of "Just admit you have feelings for me" and Matt hooked a hand around his neck and planted a kiss on him. Then got up and walked away, leaving Mo all goggle-eyed and shocked and leaving me cheering as my second favorite slash couple had just become canon. Overall, it was fun to see, but confusing since you'd think the re-watch would've placed Plaude squarely in the forefront of my brain. I mean, Matt and Mohinder weren't even in the episode we watched last night, right? Let alone Adam. Whatever. Time to go to work.
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So, what about that Watchmen book, huh? Yup, finished it. And spoilers abound. )

So, those are my thoughts on that, such as they are. Moving on, I had a kind of cool dream last night. Cut because.. I feel like it. )

Anyway, last week's meme went so well, let's have another! Poached from [livejournal.com profile] zombres:

Comment and give me (ONE TO) THREE FANDOMS I apparently love. And then I'll answer these questions about them!

01: What got you into this fandom in the first place?
02: Do you think you'll stay in this fandom or eventually move on?
03: Favorite episodes/books/movies/etc.?
04: Do you participate in this fandom (fanfiction, graphics, discussions)?
05: Do you think that more people should get into this fandom?
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I dreamed I introduced my friends to The Middleman last night. Not The Middleman (if only I'd gotten the chance) but the actual, lifesize, milk-drinking, Eisenhower-jacketed, Navy SEAL Boy Scout Middleman. I so wish I could remember what the heck was going on that required his presence, but all that's left is me, him, and my friends, standing in a loose circle with me introducing them to him just like I introduced them to my relatives at graduation. And then them asking what his real name was, and having a slightly awkward moment until I said something along the lines of "Just call him MM." Let me tell you though, folks, he is tall.

Anyway, aside from that, not much to report. I went to Blockbuster the other day and have finally gotten around to seeing Milk and Fido like I'd been meaning too. Both films are superb, in their very different ways. The desire to see Star Trek a second time is becoming increasingly piercing. If I have time I might try to see it today, we'll see if I can fit it in between vaccuuming, dusting, making cookies, and holy crap, if I was any more domestic I'd have to change my name to Betty Crocker. Don't worry, I'll be tossing myself into the job market soon enough, just indulging in a little homebody-ness.
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Man, it's been ages since I had a dream I could even remember, let alone one that was worth talking about! Last night, I somehow managed to dream I was a character in Heroes. An OC, not any specific person- and a little Mary Sue-ish, TBH. I was an empath, kind of. I know I could take two powers at once, and kind of combine them to do something different, though I don't remember any examples of that. I do remember using someone else's ability to shoot these little three-quarter-inch quills out of my fingers. They hurt, BTW- I had to dig a couple of them out of my forearm at one point. But the coolest bit was when I used someone else's electricity power. It was like Elle's, only white instead of blue. I remember I was sitting in some kind of booth with a table, like at a restaurant, with two or three other people. That's where the quill thing happened too. Claire kept showing up, though I don't remember what she was up to. Anyway, I put my hand out and little white lightning bolts ran down onto the table. I also remember holding my hand palm up and just watching white lines and sparks run all over it. Very cool, though maybe the most interesting thing was how it felt. I can't even describe it.. it wasn't entirely pleasant, I know that, but it didn't exactly hurt either. It was like.. almost a burning feeling, but not quite intense enough to cause pain. It was cool.

The only other thing I remember was being chased by either Primatech or Danko's agents, among whom I'm pretty sure was Noah. And I was either Sandra, Claire, or that Mary Sue-ish OC- I'm not sure. Sandra was definitely there, though, and definitely being chased. Not so cool.
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I'm sure you think you're helping, but you don't seem to realize that I have to go back to reality in the morning, so dreaming about Claude returning to Heroes is really only bittersweet at best.

I think the worst part was how real it seemed. The Company or Papa Petrelli or somebody had framed Peter for murdering this high school student, so he was wandering around the school looking for clues to clear his name (invisibly, I assume- I doubt administration would be too fond of a suspected killer cruising the halls), when in strode Claude, like he never left. Really, it was all there- the coat, the beard, the grin, the mocking. Can't quite remember anything that was said, but I'm sure it was pitch-perfect. Oh- I do remember this sort of funny moment when Peter snapped back and started imitating Claude's accent, though it came off sounding pretty Irish to me. Which would make sense, actually, considering the few months Peter spent in Ireland. The only really weird thing was that Claude apparently had a new power: he kept teleporting around the place with this kinda cheesy black-and-white flash effect.

And, of course, it was one of those dreams you don't realize is a dream right away, so I have a clear memory of getting on my laptop to see what the episode discussion post had to squee about Claude's return. Heh, I was so looking forward to freaking out with everybody. Then I woke up. *sigh*
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Oh man, I just had one of the coolest dreams ever! It was like- well, I want to say it was like Grey's Anatomy got rewritten as a kind of alternate Firefly with hints of Buffy, but I honestly can't remember what Grey's Anatomy had to do with anything that happened. Anyway, what I do remember is a space shuttle crash-landing in.. some body of water. Puget Sound, I guess- Grey's is in Seattle, right? I'm pretty sure the shuttle released some virus that started turning people into vampires, and that kind of messed the world up. Cut to however-many-years later, and (for reasons that escape me) there are no airplanes or cars anymore- everyone travels by train. I remember seeing a highway that had train tracks set along the asphalt. And the crew of Serenity are running a train. I saw almost everyone, except for Inara and Book. And they were pretty much doing their usual jobs: Wash was the, uh, conductor, Kaylee the mechanic, Simon was a doctor (though River was a lot less crazy), Zoe and Jayne I think handled loading and unloading. Not sure what Mal was up to, since a train doesn't really need a captain, but the first thing that tipped me off that this was some alt-version of Firefly was a blur of maroon shirt and suspenders as, uh, Serenity the Train passed by. I was like, "Heeey, I remember that outfit... Mal, what're you doing on a train?"

There was this kind of neat, kind of scary bit where this.. nurse, I think, got infected with the vampire virus thing, and taught River how to stake her while she was turning. Boy, it's a bit dramatic in my head sometimes, huh?

You know what's annoying, though? It was one of those dreams that you don't realize is a dream until you wake up, so I also have a very clear memory of running to my friends and gibbering with joy about how Firefly had been resurrected as some kind of post-Apocalyptic steampunk show- then I woke up. :( Still, it's been a long time since I had a dream that vivid, that I could also remember so clearly.. and that was so freaking awesome.
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So I just dreamed that I got a really.. thorough hug from Heroes' Jack Coleman. Like, there was gentle rocking back and forth and chaste kisses. And each time I tried to end the hug, he just kind of renewed it. I don't really remember the context, but I'm pretty sure it was nothing more than:

Me: Oh wow, you're Jack Coleman! You're really awesome on Heroes!
Him: ... *hug*

I dunno, maybe he was just feeling unappreciated that day. In my dream. Yeah. Anyway, I guess it was kind of nice- weird and unexpected, but.. nice.

Also, it fills me with dorky pleasure to see that in Sam's apartment on Reaper they have one of the pictures I have hanging up in my room. It's the one with the tree getting struck by lightning, and it usually comes into view right before they use the front door. I love that picture, it's so fantastic. I've never seen it anywhere else but the craft store where I picked it up, so imagine my surprise to be watching this new TV show and suddenly see it in the background.
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Well, it's official. Britain's definitely left it's mark on me. I'm craving tea.

Had another weird dream with famous people in it. I was watching an episode of House, although I was sort of watching it from the inside. Like I was there, but not really involved. There was a boy who was sick, don't know what he had, but I remember they brought in this little girl who was even more sick, I guess to make him feel better about his predicament.. Yeah. Anyway, the two snuck out of the hospital together and the little girl burst into flames because she was allergic to sunlight. That was odd and unpleasant, but also besides the point, because in the dream House died. And stayed dead. I don't know exactly what happened, but there was this scene where he was in his office and he started having- heart palpitations or something, and he said something I can't remember and then just keeled over! It seemed like he expected it, though, which was weird, but just like something they'd do on the show to mess with the viewers. Then I spent the rest of the dream complaining to the other characters that I didn't want to watch The Adventures of Wilson, Cuddy, Cameron, Foreman, and Chase.

I completely forgot about the dream when I woke up, but then I was checking out [livejournal.com profile] crack_van and saw a House rec. Then I was like, "House is dead! AHH... uh, no, wait. Settle down. It's just that nutty old subconscious amusing itself again."
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Guh, I just dreamed that I shot Jake Gyllenhaal. Twice. I didn't mean to, luckily. We were at some kind of shooting gallery and there was this big van-like car that had guns stuck in these holsters that you could grab and shoot pretty much aimlessly. So, I was standing at the back of the van looking at all the guns in their holsters, and either Greg Grunberg or Matthew Parkman (couldn't tell if he was his character on Heroes or himself) handed me this small gun and I fired it. I remember seeing the little pea-sized bullet hole in the windshield, and apparently Jake Gyllenhaal was just past that, out of view. I think somebody told me I'd hit him, but that he was fine, because then Bruce Campbell (man, this would've been a kick ass dream if not for the inadvertant manslaughter) handed me this shotgun and I fired that, also hitting Mr. Gyllenhaal.. somehow. Then I remember really freaking out and crying really hard, and then I half woke up and realized it was a dream before falling back into the dream where two women that apparently were the shooting gallery's receptionists told me JG was fine, that he'd gotten help soon enough. Guh, that was weird. Too weird to be awesome like it should've been, you know?

Anyway, how about a TV meme? )
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So, I'm pretty sure I had a dream last night that was a Eureka/Torchwood crossover. It started out with my family and I at this cabin-y kind of place, and then there was this gigantic dragonfly that kept trying to get inside. The thing was huge; beach ball-sized eyes, if you want scale. I was pretty scared, until the dragonfly turned into a woman who was apparently nice but possibly still evil, never did get the full story on that. Then my family and I kind of faded away and suddenly Stark, Gwen, and Carter were there. Gwen had somehow replaced Allison, and instead of a son she had a daughter that she was trying to keep away from the dragonfly-woman. She and Carter had sex at some point- so, y'know, par for the course for Gwen. I'm pretty sure that Nathan was secretly ex-Torchwood and had something to do with the dragonfly-woman, which is actually a decent idea for a real crossover fic, if I had more interest in Torchwood.


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