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Birthdate:Mar 24
Location:Maryland, United States of America

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28 days later, 30 rock, 3rd rock from the sun, a dirty job, alice, amy winehouse, art, baking, better off ted, bizarre foods, bones, bonk, buffy the vampire slayer, burn notice, cake, carbon leaf, carl hiaasen, christopher eccleston, christopher moore, coldplay, community, cooking, dance hall crashers, david bowie, dead like me, dexter, dirty jobs, discworld, doctor who, dogma, dollhouse, douglas adams, downton abbey, drawing, empire records, eureka, everclear, fanfiction, fido, firefly, francesca lia block, fringe, frou frou, futurama, george carlin, ginger snaps, good omens, grimm, hellboy, heroes, hot fuzz, ice cream, inception, indiana jones, inglorious basterds, invader zim, jimmy eat world, johnny cash, keane, kill bill, kiss kiss bang bang, lewis black, life aquatic, listening to music/podcasts, lost, mallrats, master and commander, matt & kim, mel brooks, misfits, movies, movies in fifteen minutes, mst3k, music, mythbusters, ncis, neil gaiman, nerd do well, nerdist, nightmare before christmas, no doubt, no reservations, oasis, ocean's 11, office, office space, once upon a time, operation swashbuckle, p.g. wodehouse, parks and recreation, pirates of the caribbean, pizza, plaude, pleasantville, princess bride, psych, pushind daisies, pushing daisies, ray charles, reading, reaper, red hot chili peppers, rolling stones, scrubs, serenity, shakespeare, shaun of the dead, shawshank redemption, sherlock, simon pegg, sin city, skinny legs and all, slash, snow patrol, sondre lerche, spaced, spider-man 2, star trek, stone roses, stormy weather, stranger than fiction, summer, taijitsu, tank girl, tea, terry pratchett, the beach, the beatles, the book thief, the envy corps, the fall, the fifth element, the fratellis, the incredibles, the killers, the king's speech, the last werewolf, the middleman, the ramones, the real tuesday weld, the rolling stones, the rumble strips, the voluntary butler scheme, the who, tom holt, tom robbins, top gear, u2, v for vendetta, venture bros, vertical horizon, watchmen, white collar, writing, zwan

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