Mar. 24th, 2012

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Heh, I use videogame terms like I know what they mean. Anyway, yes, birthday, another one, yay! And, that's about it. Sorry, I'm still getting over a rather severe spring cleaning in the form of the stomach flu I caught last Sunday. All the pyrotechnics are done, but my appetite is still hovering around zero. My stomach growled once, a few days ago, that was exciting. Otherwise, I truly can't describe how very little I care about food. Which is annoying.

And, yeah, so, energy levels aren't exactly through the roof. I might've liked to do something a little special for my quarter-centennial, but instead I'm marathoning the Addams Family movies with [ profile] fadeintodawn. I might also watch The City of Lost Children, which Netflix sent yesterday. And/or Man on Wire, which is on Instant. I'm in the mood for cinema, is what I'm saying.

And fic, that too, jeez. This Rumbelle business- it's just so very epic, y'know? I'm still pretty captivated, NGL, even after 11,000 words. I've got something coming along now, though it's being kind of truculent. And there's definitely one after that too. ETA: And another, oops. Maybe once that's done I can get back to Grimm and finish what I was trying to accomplish there. That'd be nice.


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