Feb. 4th, 2012

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Looks like we've got a nice bit of snow going tonight. About time, right, my fellow Mid-Atlanticers? Anyway, I could be reading fic now, or writing it, or watching more Vlogbrothers vids (it's really awful how each one is usually no more than four minutes- keeps making you think you have time for "just one more"... until you don't). But instead, I want to try a meme I just invented! Hm, is it really a meme if you're the first to do it? I feel like the definition of a meme would have to include some kind of lifespan greater than.. right now. Anyway, it's kind of a combination of that one where you use your music library to write a poem by taking the first lines of thirteen songs that come up on shuffle, and the one where you write down the first song that comes up for certain words when you type them into the search bar. I'm going to take a few words from that list, and write a poem using the first lines of all the tracks that come up when I type each word into the search bar. Get it? Sure you do! So here we go!

Okay, first problem: it's tough to pick words that don't come up with, like, 60+ songs... )

I'd say that worked out pretty well, though I might add a proviso like.. only use the songs that have the particular word in the title. I got screwed by a lot of album names in there. And it gets tricky when you want to be true to the lines that come up, but you'd also like the poem to make sense. I've compromised by fiddling with the order the songs came in and the punctuation, while refusing to change any words or delete lines that are awkward. And now it seems to have mostly stopped snowing. Boo-urns, says my inner child.


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