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Woof, this week flew by! Now I finally have a minute to inflict pictures from my NYC trip on you! Yay!

Wow, LiveJournal's new image function is terrible. I just had to drastically resize every single one of these. Thank goodness they still look okay.

Chipper the chinchilla! [livejournal.com profile] visiblemarket's new roommate! He's a sweetie. And his fur is soft, like a cloud.

bride of frankenstein
We spent some time at the Museum of the Moving Image and saw some very cool stuff, such as the wig from Bride of Frankenstein. You wouldn't have pegged her as an auburn, would you? I didn't.

blade runner
A model from Bade Runner. It was pretty huge, I'd say at least five feet tall and probably that wide.

THE wandering gnome from Amelie! [livejournal.com profile] zombres, I can feel your jealousy from here. It's nice. X)

tauntaun teapot
They had a section that was all merchandise from various properties. Lots of Star Wars stuff, such as this super classy teapot. Also...

Uh, this. ... *snickers*

Also, we saw some real art at the Met! This was cool for me because I recently finished reading Sacre Bleu by Christopher Moore, which takes place in 1890's Paris and is about the color blue in the form of a living muse. It's weird. Anyway, this piece caught my eye- shamefully I didn't make a note of who made it or what it's called, but the writing under that blue splotch says something like "This is the color of my dreams." Considering what goes on in the book, that's kind of an ominous message.

art 10
This is by Pisarro, who, because of Sacre Bleu, I have a deep fondness for. I was more or less running around the Impressionists' section having a fit of feels, it was very dignified.

high line
The Empire State Building, as seen from the Manhattan High Line, which is an above-ground park built along a disused rail line. If you look very closely, you can also see the Chrysler Building- the other pointy one to the left of Empire State. I'm glad I caught this picture in a rare moment when hordes of people weren't walking in either direction.

We also went to the New York Botanical Gardens to check out their exhibit that recreates the gardens of Monet at Giverny (not as many feels here, but some). This is one section of it. My fingers are getting tired, so you'll get a couple more.

flower 8
This is one water lily (and bonus dragonfly!) out of the probably hundred or so that you can see in these two big rectangular ponds. They were gorgeous, all kinds of colors, and there were these huge lotus blossoms you could practically wear as a hat! Also...

Fish! They cruised around the edges of the ponds- I had a better picture, but I like how there's a weird me-reflection in this one.

And finally, on the way home, the weather finally broke and there was some rain, which also gave us a really decent rainbow! You can see a hint of a double to the right I think, magical.

I picked up a cool mug with the NYC skyline on it from the Met's vast gift shop, and from the Strand I got Kate Beaton's Hark! A Vagrant book. One word: Kierkegaard.

So, that was last weekend. This weekend is hopefully a special viewing of Serenity down in Virginia, followed by friends of friends' BBQ party! Also, Netflix had better come through and get me Coriolanus like they said they would today. I'm especially excited to check it out because, well, in a word: nemesis.
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