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Eee, one of my old professors was on Jackie Kashian's podcast The Dork Forest! That guy's great- I love that he's almost getting sorta famous with his Tolkien podcast. I'm holding out hope the rumors of him being interviewed on The Colbert Report end up being true. I might actually start listening to his podcast myself, once I finish The Hobbit. Slow going right now, as with everything I read. We've made it to the foot of the Lonely Mountain, though! According to this Dork Forest episode, some serious shit has yet to go down. I'm nervous.

Dark Shadows was meh. Up next on my Summer O' Movie-Watchin' is Moonrise Kingdom (which I'm psyched for) and Men in Black III (DON'T JUDGE ME- the second one is crap but the first one is important to me, also the previews have looked good). They'll both probably have to wait though, since I'll be down the beach for the long weekend. Might have to make some more weekday treks to the theater. Because I am an adult.

The post OUaT dry spell is over.. ish. I tried doing a post-finale fix-it reaction kind of thing, but it's mostly stalled now. I might just scribble out the bit I really wanted to as a drabble and stick it on Tumblr. As for the other fic (sequel to As Easy As to Know, for the three people who care and aren't reading this), I'm having plot issues. There are two things I want to do, mostly because they'll be amusing, and I'm not 100% sure I can do them both. One thing kind of depends on just how long of a long game Gold's been playing this whole time. And indeed, in canon it has been very long. The other thing involves research. *shudder*

In conclusion, the next one of these: 8 – Do you write OCs? And if so, what do you do to make certain they're not Mary Sues, and if not, explain your thoughts on OCs.

Hm, y'know, I'm trying to think back, and I don't think I have all that many OCs to my name. And I'm not sure I've ever really made a concerted effort to avoid Mary Sue-ism. Either because I didn't know any better, like in my very first PotC story with a main character OC who was pretty definitely a Sue, or because they only served to fill a purpose and I kind of let them take care of themselves, like I guess most recently the Pinchuks in Please, Sir and Thank You, Sir. I mean, those are pretty short- there wasn't really room to get into details. I'd say the most developed OCs I've created are Hardy and Decker (and Abby technically) in Rescue Me. It's funny, but I feel like I almost can't take credit for Hardy. He just sat down and started talking- I had very little choice in the matter. And Decker was basically meant to be British!Noah Bennet, so yeah.

All in all, since I write fanfiction, canon characters are going to be the focus nine times out of ten. If an OC gets developed, it's kind of a happy accident. I'm sure that's not a very cool thing to admit, but it's how I roll. We'll see what future stories hold.
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