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All right, well, I've devoted a high enough word count to it, I might as well do a reaction post.

I was nervous before the OUaT season finale. I was nervous after the OUaT season finale.

Firstly, a moment of silence for all the fics who were so very thoroughly Jossed. I mean, just plain obliterated from even the faintest semblance of canon. They were so beautiful while they lasted.

The more I think about the Belle/Gold reunion the less satisfied I am by it. Of course I'm grateful for what we got- it was certainly way more than it could've been, and there were only so many minutes in the episode that could be given to this pairing. But there are some things I need to see to feel okay about the situation. I really need Belle to say something along the lines of "All right, we love each other, that's great, now explain to me WHAT THE FUCK YOU DID. Also, whatever happened to 'I don't want you anymore,' you ass?" and I'm not optimistic she's going to since Gold's gone and done something else now. It will really all depend on what this new piece of magic does, I guess. I'm just super hoping Belle isn't relegated to the sidelines, standing there looking worried while Gold does whatever he's going to do. If he goes all power-hungry again, I can't think of anything worse than her mutely going along with it.

As for this new piece of magic... Well, I've always liked it in post-curse fics where Storybrooke and FTL kind of get mashed together, so that's what I'm hoping for. Though I'm sure that would be expensive as hell to film, and I've heard OUaT is already a seriously expensive show. In any case, I do very much respect the writers for at least semi-breaking the curse. They didn't have to. It would've sucked, but they could've dragged it out way longer.

So, yeah. I feel kind of bereft now, oddly. Like, since pretty much every fic idea I have has been made completely not canon-compliant, why bother? Which is unfortunate. I was having such a good time. *sigh*
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